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World Wildlife Day – Remembering the Threatened Cats

Team StoryWeavers|March 7, 2018|

Have you ever wondered, if the cat in your street has the same origin as the cat it fights with from the next street? Do you know, that they could be from two completely different species of cats. Just like lions, tigers, leopards etc, which are a part of the cat family. This World Wildlife Day let us vow to help save our indigenous species, starting from the smallest of cats.

Here are a few species from the Filadae (Cat) family that are endangered across the world.

Clouded Leopard

A younger sister to the Leopard from the plains, the clouded leopard is a smaller and a more beautiful variant of the Indian leopard. With bright yellowish-brown cloud-like patterns on its body and rings around its long tail, the Clouded leopard inhabits the dense evergreen forests of Assam, along the Himalayan foothills.


Snow Leopard

A creature of poise and majesticity, the snow leopard is often a lore in many stories. All because of its shy nature, which keeps it hidden from the eyes of humans and its natural habitat – the high altitudes of Himalayas. Boating a thick coat of grey and white, and a tail thicker and longer than any other feline from the cat family, the snow leopard is fast nearing extinction due to excessive hunting for its coat.

Marbled Cat

It might look like your everyday cat, but the marbled cat it slightly larger than domestic cats and has a thicker coat of rich brown. Found in northern Sikkim, the cat is renowned for its stealth and powerful vision at night – a time when it chooses to hunt from the trees.



Asiatic Lion

A lion found commonly in Gujarat, the Asiatic Lion is one of the few indigenous animals in India which has seen a rise in population since declared endangered. The Asiatic lion is smaller than the African lion with an average length of 9 ft and is hunted across the state for its coat. Restoration efforts are being made in Gir Forest National Park.




A beautiful reddish-grey feline, the Caracal is known for its even tone and big, tufted ears. Found across drier parts of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Rajasthan, the Caracal is elusive and rarely spotted. It is an agile cat, often seen jumping high enough in the air to catch birds.


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