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5 Creative Ways To Track Your Child’s Development!

Team StoryWeavers|October 14, 2020, 21:35 IST| 1

Looking back at childhood photos and videos often bring family and loved ones joy and happiness. But did you know that, according to research, tracking a child’s milestones is a crucial way of keeping a check on their development? Experts suggest families keep track of different aspects of a child’s growth to ensure they are developing healthily. Not to mention, looking back at these milestones can be a great source of nostalgia and joy for the family on the whole.

Today, let’s explore 5 Do It Yourself (DIY) ideas that can make the tracking of a child’s milestones into a fun keepsake to be enjoyed for generations!

First Day/ Last Day School Photos

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Clicking a child’s photo on the first and last day of the school year can visibly show you how much they have grown! School years form a massive part of a child’s development, and tracking their growth through these photos can be a fun way to look back at their time learning. (PS: Nothing beats seeing the “first day of kindergarten” next to the “last day for high school”!)

Favourite Things Chart

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An exciting way to record a child’s personality is by looking at their hobbies and interests at different ages. Filling in a “favourite things” chart once a year is a great way to track how a child’s interests change as they grow older. The categories in the chart can be anything from favourite food to favourite vacation or memory!

Hand or Footprint

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Tracking a child’s handprint every year is another creative way to capture how they grow visually. You can record all the handprints across different years in the same book, and this can be a thoughtful gift for the child when they are older.


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Scrapbooking is by far the most preferred way for families to track a child’s milestones. It gives the “scrapbooker” a lot of freedom over what they want to record and how they wish to decorate and preserve each landmark. To figure out how to go about scrapbooking, you can check out this article here.

Birthday Videos

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A digital form of the favourite things chart, birthday videos can be shot once a year (on the child’s birthday) where the child answers a few pre-set questions on their likes, hobbies and milestones from the year gone by (first time they lost a tooth, first bike ride, etc). It’s a great way to richly preserve a child’s growth because it can track their voice and mannerisms too! (PS: Make sure you keep the questions consistent throughout the year so you can see the change in growth better!)

You can use each of these ideas separately or combine them to create your own unique way of tracking a child’s milestones.

Will you be trying any of these ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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Adithri Sreejish

September 16, 2020

this takes me to the good old days ….


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