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Doing daily schedules the old way? Read this

“My hour for tea is half-past five, and my buttered toast waits for nobody.” ― Wilkie Collins, English Novelist In...

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Meet The World’s Most Accurate Clock

Time is an extremely perplexing concept! We can feel time but we cannot explain it. In maths, time can be...

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DIY Corner: Fruit And Vegetable Painting

Sensory play is an integral part of children’s learning journeys. Parents across the world have embraced the beneficial aspects of...

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Jane’s Journal – The Adventure Of Peter Turning Into A Penguin

Dear Diary, Peter just can’t stop being naughty. We had to visit Mystitia to help Manny turn Peter back to...

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Adventures Of Jax And Jane – Match The Birds

Hello there! Jax and Jane had another exciting adventure. This time it was in the world of Mystitia. Peter, the...

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Adventures Of Jax And Jane – Peter’s Mischief Managed

The siblings, little adventurers of the town of Jollydale, are at their treehouse as usual. However, things aren’t going as...

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Fun With Finger Puppets: A DIY Activity For Your Child

Hi there! We have got for you another fun and exciting DIY activity for your little one. Finger Puppets! A...

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DIY! It’s Jigsaw Puzzle Time!

Hey there!  How’s Week Two of BYJU’S Kids Camp ‘21 rolling out for you? Fun? Exciting?  We are now going...

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DIY – It’s Time For A Sound Walk!

Are you looking for an exciting chance to engage with your child and help them learn the wonderful sounds that...

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