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Adventures Of Jax And Jane – Peter’s Mischief Managed

Team StoryWeavers|November 07, 2022, 16:16 IST|

The siblings, little adventurers of the town of Jollydale, are at their treehouse as usual. However, things aren’t going as per Jax’s liking.

Now, please, will you shoo them away, Janeee!” Jax was trembling with fear in one corner of their treehouse while Jane talked to the birds. He was scared of birds and she loved to spend time with them! 

Oh come on, Jackson”, teased Jane.

Don’t call me Jackson”, huffed Jax.

Right then, their world map lit up and the world of Mystitia beckoned them. Another adventure awaited in the kingdom filled with magic! 

Grab the Whizzing hat, Jax….

Got it! Hold my hand, Jane!” 

Whoosh. And just like that, the treehouse stood empty.

Thud! Thud!

And here we are, at Manny’s!” said Jax and Jane getting up from the ground.

 “Cackling cauldrons! That was quick,” said Manny, inviting them to his house in Mystitia. 

Their landing outside the door had alerted his sharp ears. As the apprentice to Master Magus, the magician, Manny helped him with brewing his magical potions. 

How are you doing, Manny? And where’s Peter?” asked Jane.

Well, I am good, but Peter isn’t!” he referred to the pet parrot. “He messed around with my best potion for changing forms and now has turned into this, umm… this!

Oh my! He’s turned into a penguin,” remarked Jane.   

Yes, you are right! Why didn’t I connect it before?” grinned Manny. 

Aren’t penguins found only in the Southern Hemisphere?” asked Jax.

Yes. Penguins are found in South America, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as many small islands in the southern Pacific Ocean,” Jane explained.

Hey, Jax and Jane, tell me more about penguins so that I can whip up the correct potion to change Peter back…” said Manny.

I remember… they huddle close together in large groups. Why though?” Jax murmured.

To keep themselves warm, Jax! These birds are special and can stay alive in low temperatures. They have large stores of body fat and several layers of scale-like feathers that protect them from icy winds. And they are flightless birds, which is why Peter is unable to fly anymore!” Jane finished.

Manny moved around picking up the ingredients to make the perfect potion. “A pinch of wind, a dash of blue, tailbone of a fish…” Manny mumbled. He moved to his cauldron with the ingredients and started mixing them while Jax and Jane watched. 

Manny added a snowflake and one of Peter’s feathers which was lying on the ground, into the crackling potion-cauldron. Before long, they heard the bubbling and could see the liquid frothing. 

“Humble jumble!

Peter fumbled!

Not the penguin – white and black,

But the parrot, bring him back!

I think it’s done now!” said Manny as he took a little potion in a spoon and sprinkled it on Peter.

And as they watched, the black and white bird began to turn blue. Jax and Jane stood surprised as a familiar figure emerged.

Flap! Flap! Fuuushhhhh! 

Bumbling Berries! I am back”, cooed Peter and flew all around the room much to the children’s amusement and Manny’s dismay.

Welcome back, Peter! I hope you will be careful around Manny’s potions now,” said Jane, a little sternly. 

I most certainly will be, Jane! And sorry, Manny”, said Peter.

“Let’s get going Jane…”, tugged Jax on Jane’s hand as he caught hold of the hat. “See ya, Manny and Peter!”



What an amazing bird-venture that was! Oh, now I must write,” Jane said, fetching her journal.

Where do I begin?” she hummed.

Phew!” muttered Jax, relieved that she was no longer talking to the birds at the treehouse and strode off to get himself a snack.


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