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Six Fun Facts about Water that Your Child must Know About

‘Stay hydrated!’ This is a common piece of advice given to everyone. It’s important for adults and children alike to...

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Here’s Why Shanjan Thamma Is A Powerhouse Of Talent

When we called Shanjan Thamma’s mother on a sultry Monday afternoon, we were greeted by a rather cute but squeaky...

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Here’s Why Faith’s Parents Trust Homeschooling for Their Daughter

  Meet five-year-old Faith Sequeira from Mumbai. She loves to paint, make crafts, and sing like Beyoncé. She is also...

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DIY Corner! Piggy Bank For Kids

Money is an important aspect of our lives. Learning how to maintain our budget, spending wisely and saving are all...

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Adventures Of Jax And Jane – The Name Game

Hello again! You saw the transformation of Peter from a penguin to a parrot. You’ll find below an image of...

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Jane’s Journal – The Adventure Of Peter Turning Into A Penguin

Dear Diary, Peter just can’t stop being naughty. We had to visit Mystitia to help Manny turn Peter back to...

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Adventures Of Jax And Jane – Match The Birds

Hello there! Jax and Jane had another exciting adventure. This time it was in the world of Mystitia. Peter, the...

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Adventures Of Jax And Jane – Peter’s Mischief Managed

The siblings, little adventurers of the town of Jollydale, are at their treehouse as usual. However, things aren’t going as...

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Adventures Of Jax And Jane – Into The Bamboo Maze

Hello! Previously, Jax and Jane had an amazing time at Animalia. They are back to meet Mr GP, the Giant...

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