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What Can The Code Game Teach Your Child About Sentence Structuring?

Team StoryWeavers|June 21, 2022, 17:38 IST| 18

Sentence structures play an important role in language development. They essentially involve arranging different types of words such as adjectives, verbs, nouns, and pronouns in a certain format. There are complex rules that govern the sentence formation. 

Often, parents find it tough to explain to their children why words need to be written in a certain order to form complete sentences. That is when this little code game comes into play. This is a fun game that can be played by anyone and requires minimal resources. 

In this article, we will cover: 

Let’s get started. 

What Is The Code Game? 

The code game makes it easy and fun to create new and grammatically correct sentences. One key advantage is that parents need not get into lengthy and complex discussions and yet children can end up learning different sentence structures.

For example: 

  • Example 1: 
    • Code: Red, Yellow, Yellow, Blue (Red = Pronouns, Yellow = Verb, Blue = Adjectives)
    • Sentence: She is looking happy. He was having fun. 
  • Example 2:
    • Code: Pink, Black, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Blue (Red = Pronouns, Yellow = Verb, Blue = Adjectives, Pink = Articles, Purple = Conjunctions, Black = Nouns)
    • Sentence: The bag looked small, but it was heavy. The jar was big but it was empty. 

Requirements: Paper, Pens, Codes Printable. You can download the printable at the end of this post.

Instructions for Parents:

  • You can either print the codes given below or make your own. 
  • Show one code at a time so that they can focus on the code given to them. 
  • Encourage the children to get creative by encouraging them to create funny, happy, scary, or weird sentences purposefully. 
  • Turn it into a contest where the funniest or fastest sentence creator wins and gets to decide the next code. 

Instructions for Children:

  • You need to adhere to the code given to you. 
  • You can try to use different words. Use of dictionaries is permitted. 

Colour Representation: 

Sample Colour Codes For Children:

  • Red, Yellow, Yellow, Blue.
    • She is looking happy.
  • Red, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Black.
    • She is a happy woman. 
  • Pink, Black, Yellow, Yellow, Orange.
    • The boy is walking slowly.
  • Pink, Black, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Blue.
    •  The bag looked small, but it was heavy.
  • Red, Black, Yellow, Blue. 
    • The sadness was overwhelming. 
  • Red, Yellow, Yellow, White, Yellow, Purple, Red, Yellow, Yellow. 
    • You will continue to improve if you stay focused.

The Code Game is as fun as parents can make it out to be. They can make their codes as per the child’s age and developmental stage. If you can play this game every day with your child for only five minutes, it will benefit them greatly. Initially, some children might find it tough to create sentences, but slowly they will get better at it. Like everything else, the key to success is consistency. 

Download the code game printable here.

Do you like this game? Do you think your child will benefit from it? Is there anything else that you would like to add to this game? Let us know in the comments or drop a note at

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Bhubaneswari Swain

May 27, 2021

What a great idea mam to teach grammar .thank u so much

Sangeeta shah

May 13, 2021

Amazing, it’s v nice for learn game because child so excited to learning play game

Purvi shah

May 13, 2021

Amazing, learning work is v nice.child so excited for games

Sayeed Shaikh

May 11, 2021

Game is good..


May 10, 2021

I like this game
It’s a very good idea to make this wonderful game

Aahira hasnani

May 10, 2021



May 9, 2021

I am interested

Nirosha Gaonkar

May 8, 2021

It’s Interesting. I will try

Avni Kushwaha

May 7, 2021

I like byjus


May 6, 2021

Code game is so fun!!

Atharv jaybharat yermal

May 6, 2021

It is very nice practice
For making a sentence it is very nice idea .


May 6, 2021

Good morning madam I am aakanksha thank you for creating a new game


May 5, 2021

Good ? I am happy

arshad ali

May 5, 2021

byjus ma’am halped me to understand maths and scince

Yashi manishbhai amipara

May 5, 2021

I m interested


May 5, 2021

Byjus learning is good for the child and decided the child features


May 5, 2021

Code game is so interesting


May 5, 2021

I like to do it


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