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Seven Things That Demystify Toddler Behaviour

Team StoryWeavers|June 21, 2022, 17:50 IST|

toddler behaviour

With every faltering little step, a baby becomes a toddler. As they gain independence, their behaviour changes dramatically. They are super-duper interested in their surroundings, start using simple words now and then, and most importantly, understand the word ‘No’ and throw tantrums when forced to do something against their will. All of a sudden, you notice that, they have opinions and want to be heard! 

In this article, we will cover a few things you need to know about toddler behaviour. 

Things You Need To Know About Toddler Behaviour

The book Tackle Your Toddler’s Behaviour: Teach Yourself by Kelly Beswick lists some important things you need to know about your toddler’s behaviour. We have shortlisted a few of them for you to read and remember. 

  • Toddlers want to exert their independence by exploring the surrounding environment on their own. You can make this process easier for them by toddler-proofing the home so that they can explore the world around them safely. 
  • Tantrums are a part of toddler development. They are unpleasant, but you need to stay calm and in control of the situation. 
  • Toddler discipline requires you to set limits and establish boundaries. You need to be consistent and praise them for doing things right. 
  • Play is an important part of being a toddler. It is the way they learn about themselves and the world around them. Create a safe environment for them to play to get the maximum benefits out of this. While playing with them, let them be the leader.
  • Toddlers exert their independence by pushing boundaries and wanting to do everything by themselves. Deal with this appropriately by giving them limited choices in the form of ‘either-or’ questions. 
  • Toddlers may refuse to try new food items. Being picky about food is normal. Instead of mixing new food items with the favourite food items, you can serve new food items along with regular food items without making a deal of this new food item. Keeping healthy snacks around is another way to go about it.
  • If there is a new sibling on the way, do involve the toddler from the very beginning. Do not spring it upon them. If there is a  baby at home, do schedule special time with your toddler where it is just you and the toddler. It will help the toddler feel more secure. 

Overall, toddlerhood is a very exciting period for both the child and the parent. There may be tantrums and other behavioural challenges but do not forget the good parts. Be a part of your toddler’s journey of learning new things every single day. Take mental notes of your toddler’s musings and observations to pass it down the generations!

What are some funny, interesting, or insightful musings from your toddler? Drop a note at or leave a comment below. 

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