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Parents are a child’s first teachers. Here’s how you can impact their learning

Children’s minds, especially when they are younger, function like sponges. From birth to around the age of five, the relationships...

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Motherhood Isn’t Rocket Science – Or Is It? BYJU’S Rockstar Moms Spill The Beans

The one job that no one really prepares you for is motherhood. (Even our BYJU’S superstar moms will attest to...

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Who Run the World – Moms! Celebrating Stories of Strength and Resilience This Mother’s Day

STRENGTH AND RESILIENCE! When talking about the incredible mothers at BYJU’S, who have perfected the balancing act of parenting during...

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Meet Shankar, the Rubik’s Cube champion who can skate, design robots and play violin

Did you know that Erno Rubik, the inventor of the Rubik’s Cube, took almost a month to figure out how...

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Seven Things That Demystify Toddler Behaviour

With every faltering little step, a baby becomes a toddler. As they gain independence, their behaviour changes dramatically. They are...

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Facts You Should Know About Parental Burnout

“You cannot pour from an empty cup.” Parental self-care is one of the core principles of positive parenting and there...

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What Is Positive Parenting?

All of us agree that a stable family that provides security and warmth is critical for the optimal development of...

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A Parent’s Guide To Happier Mealtimes

Mealtime can be a tricky, stressful affair for the parents of young children. The battle against food is real! Most...

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How to Give Instructions That Children Can Follow Easily

One of the best ways of reducing, if not stopping, challenging behaviours and increasing adherence to parental requests is to...

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