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Six Reasons to Not Miss your Child’s Parent-Teacher Meetings

Team StoryWeavers|September 21, 2022, 16:53 IST|

Is your child’s parent-teacher meeting soon approaching? It may sound a lot tiring in your over-scheduled calendar. But a parent-teacher meeting is an important initiative that both a parent and teacher must take in order to facilitate the child’s personal and academic development. For a parent, it also gives them invaluable insights into a child’s progress and pitfalls. Here’s why PT meetings are so valuable:

1.   Assess your child’s environment

During the admission procedure and initial conversations, you cannot evaluate much about the environment that your child is in. The PTA meetings give you the opportunity to get a hands-on feel of the place that shapes your child. You can browse the titles available in the library and check the infrastructural facilities, and knowing the level of hygiene and safety is reassuring.

2.   Know the people around your child

In school, your child encounters several people with whom you can develop a rapport and seek support from them at any given time. From the teachers to the supporting staff, you can determine their vibe only by paying a visit to the school premises. Getting to know your child’s teacher will enable you to approach them for advice at any given time. Moreover, when a child observes their parents treating their teachers with respect it motivates them to do the same too.

3.  Help a teacher understand their student better

For a teacher to be able to get the best out of a student, they need to know every minute detail about the child. It can be a medical condition, a persistent family issue, any significant event, problem areas, their best friends and a learning technique that works well with your child. Inform the teacher about your child’s strengths, weaknesses, and inherent talents.

4. Know your child’s progress

It’s hard to ascertain your child’s level of involvement in school from home. But during the PTA you can get first-hand information. Asking questions like- Is my child inclined toward extracurricular activities? Is my child responsive during classroom sessions? – can help you work with your child.

5.  Know your child’s friends

Besides the teachers and the supporting staff, the PTA also gives you an opportunity to interact with your child’s friends and assess the kind of relationships they develop at school. It helps establish a forum wherein you can discover the common problems that children face in school by discussing with other parents and finding ways to tackle them.

6. Share feedback

In case you have any pressing concerns in terms of the quality of education or the infrastructure, the PTA is a great opportunity to share feedback. At the time of admission, certain facilities are promised by the school authorities, which you can check if it’s being delivered. If you feel there is room for improvement, you can voice it out during this session.

By taking the time out to attend this meeting, both the teacher and you are working towards their holistic development, since identifying and overcoming the obstacles that hinder your child’s growth becomes easy. Take that move, establish a positive relationship with the teacher and celebrate more successes in your child’s life.

Let us know in the comments below as to why you consider parent-teacher meetings to be important.

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