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Best Practices to Follow Post a Parent-Teacher Meeting

Team StoryWeavers|August 09, 2022, 18:11 IST|

Parent-teacher meetings are essential in your child’s educational journey. Missing them out can be unfavourable for you and your child! Knowing what to ask your child’s teacher is crucial and implementing the takeaways is the ultimate test of its effectiveness. Here are five steps that you can implement after meeting with the teacher:

1. Review the checklist
If you made a checklist before or during the meeting, go over it again. Break down your analysis under three criteria:
· Have you covered all the topics you intended to discuss?
· If yes, did you come up with probable methods to bring about the change you’re striving for, either at school or at home?
· Do you require additional assistance to help your child cope with anything?

2. Talk it out with your child
It is not uncommon for a child to be nervous about a parent-teacher meeting. First, calm them down and then share what you have discovered about their progress. If it’s positive feedback, share it with your child. In case the teacher mentions any problem areas, discuss it with your child. Suggest ways to improve and check to see if he/she requires a tutor.

3. Did you miss out on something?
Ask your child if they have any pressing concerns in school? Whether it’s with a particular student, teacher, or subject. Even if the teacher missed out on commenting about your child’s issues, probe him/her to be open about it.

4. Make a game plan
To encourage a child’s progress, involve them in devising a plan of action. Know their preference and find out how you can offer a sense of support. Having a weekly discussion and a homework routine in place can be game-changing.

5. Talk it out with the teacher
Let the teacher know how your child reacted to the discussion and has started making changes after realising about their shortcomings. Get their take to see if both of you are on the same page. Also, use this as an opportunity to voice out anything that you missed during the conference. Make it clear to the teacher that you will do whatever it takes to help your child succeed. Follow it up with a ‘Thank You!’ note or message, because both you and your teacher have to work in unison to help your child reach their true potential.

Implement these tips and let us know in the comments if they do benefit your child.


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