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How to Make Natural Colours for Your Child

Team StoryWeavers|May 19, 2023, 13:22 IST| 32

With schools and outdoor activities shut during this lockdown phase, for those with little kids,  these five weeks might prove daunting to keep the little ones occupied. After all, this is the age where children learn quickly and look for interesting and fun ways to get their hands dirty! In order to keep your children engaged indoors, here is a super cool DIY (Do It Yourself) activity for you and your children.

Paints with Natural Colours

When it comes to art and craft, children love to get messy with paints. They are always intrigued by bright and vibrant colours and love to paint their world in different colours. The tough part for the parents comes when their children, in the process of painting, spill paints all over themselves. After all, the paints which you get in stores may not always be safe for children. Hence, the best alternate option is to make your own paints using vegetables and fruits. They are 100% natural and safe for children and also a fun way to spend some quality time with your child.

All paints are types of dyes and are made of two things – pigments and binders. The role of the binder is to help the colour stay on the material you paint on.

You can create different shades of colours by mixing the three primary colours – red, yellow, and blue! To make these primary colours, you can use the following vegetables or fruits:

Let’s get started!

Materials needed

  • Vegetables / fruits
  • Rice flour/cornflour (which acts as a binding agent)
  • Water
  • Mixer Grinder or Blender

You can mix and match these three primary colours to get other colours. For example, mix the red from blended beetroots and yellow from the mangoes to get orange. Red and blue together make violet, and blue and yellow together make green.

These homemade paints are super easy to make and the best part is that they are edible too! Thus they are totally safe for your child to use.

So, let your children explore their imagination and paint their world in their favourite colours.

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June 24, 2020

It’s s very good thing if we use natural colours


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Wow very nice

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Hi I am dhanvi from byjus and I am in grade 4th


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i bought it. it is really wast of money.


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Wow!very cool activitie

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It’s really amazing??


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Amazing, i shall try it today


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Amazing recipe ? learning tree is awesome

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Wow ! Amazing it is . I will surely try this out


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Nice idea

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It’s really awesome

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That’s very good idea byjus . Thank you . We can make the our own colours without buying and we can

Give to our friends also ?????. Thank you byjus


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It’s amazing and wonderful ?
I’ll try this ??


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