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Unveil the Wonders of the Desert With These Fun Activities for Kids

Team StoryWeavers|June 16, 2023, 15:59 IST| 1

When we think of deserts, we immediately think of arid, dry places, but did you know that Antarctica, which is freezing, is the largest desert on the planet? Essentially, deserts are large areas that receive very little rain in a year. Yet, they actually support a wide range of plants and animals. Let’s learn more about the deserts through these wonderful, fun activities for kids today. 

In this printable PDF on desert activities, you will find:

  • A reading passage with interesting information on deserts, and the animals and plants that live there and how they have adapted to the harsh conditions, as well as some beautiful photographs. 
  • A maths activity that helps you find the numbers that go with each shape by solving the equations. 
  • A couple of non-verbal problems where you have to figure out what goes in place of the question mark and then choose the right answer. These will surely make you think a bit harder than usual. 
  • A creative writing activity that will allow you to stretch your imagination as you think of multiple ways of surviving as a new plant in the desert.  
  • This PDF is jam-packed with fun things to do during the weekend, such as a colouring page, a sticker sheet, and a spot-the-difference games. 

Excited? Download the desert activities for kids here. 

Browse through other fun activities here:

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