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Illustration Art Activities for Children: Top 5 Picks

Team StoryWeavers|May 12, 2023, 15:52 IST|

Illustrations make everything simpler and more interesting to read. We all have seen beautiful illustrations in books and magazines that make reading them easier. Illustration is one of the most amazing forms of visual art. It is a way to explain what is written. It has a specific purpose. Earlier illustrations were made using pen and paper, but today they are made using computer softwares. The art of illustration has evolved over the years. That is why today we will learn everything we need to know about illustration art through fun activities. 

This free PDF is full of fun activities that can be downloaded and printed. These activities are meant to help children understand and appreciate illustration art through a range of fun learning activities. 

  • A reading passage on illustration art and its meaning, purpose, and a little bit of history that will give you a basic understanding of this wonderful art form. 
  • A maths circle that will surely test your computation skills as you add and subtract different numbers to get to the correct answer. 
  • A few non-verbal puzzles that will surely push you to think a little harder as you mentally manipulate a 3D object to find the correct top view.  
  • A creative writing activity where you will write a brief that will help an illustrator make a perfect greeting card for your mother for the upcoming Mother’s Day. 
  • Fun activities like finding similar houses and interesting 3D mazes are also there in this PDF to brighten up the weekend.  
  • This PDF of illustration art is fun to remember because it comes with a colouring page, stickers and so much more. 

Excited? Download the illustration art activities for children here. 

illustration art meaning and activities for children

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