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Photography Fun Activities: Get Creative and Have Fun!

Team StoryWeavers|May 26, 2023, 15:36 IST|

We are no strangers to taking photographs. We frequently take them, mostly with our phone cameras. The word photograph actually means drawing with light. It is one of the most widely known forms of visual art. We take photographs of many things, from buildings to people to nature. It means that photographers get to specialise in a field of their interest, like wildlife photography, event photography or even food photography. Sounds interesting, right? Through these entertaining fun activities PDF, let’s explore the world of photographers and learn more photography information. 

In this printable PDF on photography, you will find:

  • An informational reading passage on photography that includes the origin of the word photograph, a brief overview of different types of photography, exemplary photographs and so much more. 
  • A maths exercise that tests your understanding of numbers and your ability to compare them with each other. 
  • A couple of non-verbal puzzles that require you to think carefully and choose the correct answer. 
  • A creative writing activity that will help you pick the perfect photograph for your living room. 
  • To make the weekend more enjoyable, this PDF also includes activities like find the hidden objects. 
  • Because it has a colouring page, stickers and so much more, this PDF about photography as a visual art will be remembered for a long time 

Excited? Download the photography fun activities PDF for children here. 


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