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National Girl Child Day 2022: Dr Ganesh Rakh on his mission to save the girl child

Team StoryWeavers|January 24, 2022, 11:06 IST| 3

When Dr Ganesh Rakh decided that he would not be charging a single rupee for girl childbirths at his hospital in Pune, it was a monumental development for him and his family. Many, like his wife, were sceptical about how he would manage financially. His father, too, offered to take up his old job as a coolie, in case Ganesh failed. 

But the decision turned out to be worth the risk. As they say, all good intentions pay off in the end. Thanks to Dr Rakh, for the last 10 years, over 2000 girl childbirths have been conducted for free at his hospital. He sums up the impact of his mission beautifully when he says – “Earlier, families used to cry over the birth of a girl child. Now, they cry when it’s NOT a girl!”

It is National Girl Child Day today, an occasion that was observed for the first time by The Ministry of Women and Child Development in the year 2009. And there is no better person to spotlight today than Dr Ganesh Rakh. Under his mission, called Beti Bachao Janandolan, he has managed to fulfil his dreams in the best manner possible — by helping others!

In this heart-warming conversation with BYJU’S, Dr Rakh talks about his inspiration and his mission, and the role of children in changing societal attitudes towards girls and women.

Do you know any other heroes like Dr Ganesh Rakh? Share with us in the comments below!

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Siddhi Puranlal Patle

January 25, 2022

Same to you dr. Ganesh Rakh I dream like you too . I will grow up to be a doctor.


January 25, 2022

It is very good and very helpful work to save the life of newborn girl .This is really a big work doctor ganesh rakh is doing … I salute him ?Byju

Gnana nandini

January 24, 2022



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