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What you did NOT know about the Olympics

While the world is eagerly gearing up for the official 2020 Summer Olympics (popular as Tokyo 2020) that has unfortunately...

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Why do some athletes collapse in the middle of a race?

Easily, lunch breaks are one of the best parts of a day at school. If you plan your lunchtime properly,...

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6 Famous Ancient Indian Games

It has been months now since the nation went into a lockdown mode. During this time, we all have picked...

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The 5 Rarest Elements on Earth

We all use different chemical elements in our lives every day without knowing them. Right from the moment we wake...

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Let’s explore native foods around the world

Maps- they are like our guiding stars. They provide information about specific locations, guide us to our destination, and in...

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Food That Should Not Be Called What It’s Called!

Do you love Chinese food? What if we told you that the stuff that we eat in the name of...

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Wired Together: How the internet evolved over the years!

It’s the middle of summer vacation and you’re watching a really interesting movie with all your cousins. It’s a gripping...

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Music and its Many Genres

The human brain loves classifying information. It’s our way of understanding and simplifying the complex world we live in. Putting...

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Did You Know About These Rare Flowers?

Spring is here, and so is the season of bright and beautiful flowers. Look around you, and you can see...

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