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The Miracle of the First Moon Landing – Moon Day

“This is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” – Neil Armstrong Celebrating the first men on...

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World Museum Day – 18th May

Why do museums intrigue us? They remind us of the millions of years of humanity that have existed before us,...

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Gaming Is No Child’s Play, It is often a Lifeline, A Formation of Intricate Beauty – Kiran B.V

Games probably came into existence in ancient times and have developed in more ways than the mind can imagine. From...

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The Golden Ratio

Have you heard of the concept called – mathematically beautiful? We rarely equate math with beauty and elegance. Though the concept of beauty is...

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The Sound of Passion : BYJU’S standout jam group

It was a usual busy Tuesday afternoon, half of the office crowd had skedaddled their way towards their afternoon munch...

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