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6 Medical Inventions that Changed the World

It’s the first day of the winter. Like millions of people around the world, you too have been waiting for...

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What is the Placebo Effect?

This is the real story of a study that took place in 1996. Researchers invited 56 volunteers to test the...

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Is Your Appendix A Biological ‘Remnant’?

It’s the inter-school competition day and you are representing your school in the finals. You are all set and ready...

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What Would Humans Look Like In A Million Years?

Are modern humans still evolving? What will we look like in a million years? Will our descendants be cyborgs with...

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Did you know about these ‘nature’ inventors?

Around 23,000 years ago, civilisations started growing their food. They progressed from growing wild weeds to harvesting edible cereals, such...

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The most important evolution of all : Lighting!

Can you imagine an evening without any lights at home? Well, there was a time when the setting of the...

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“Tech”nically True! Weird but true facts about technology!

From rockets to robots to RAM modules, technology is one of the most diverse areas of study in the 21st...

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Lessons Of Perseverance From Science That Can Help YOU!

On July 30, 2020, the coastal city of Florida was abuzz with excitement. The world was in the middle of...

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When fiction becomes reality – Science fiction vs Science

The field of science is often portrayed in a serious light. Science has a reputation for being a field that...

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