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10 Things Made By Women Inventors That You Must Know

A brilliant student whose passion for physics changed the world, Marie Curie is one of the most distinguished scientists in...

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Did you know about these heroes of ISRO?

Did you know that the latest smartphones in the market can now latch on to NavIC? NavIC(Navigation with Indian Constellation)...

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Trace the epic journey of the camera from pinboxes to smartphones

I am an important part of everyone’s life. Be it holidays or festivals, I help people make beautiful memories at...

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Revisit the rivers of India with BYJU’S

Most of the world’s civilizations thrived on the river banks. In that case, it would not be wrong to say...

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Celebrate the scientist in you with two exciting DIYs

Imagine being a part of a mission that will script the history of a nation. What if you were a...

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This National Science Day, re-discover your love for Science

In our lives, we all have had moments of sudden insight or inspiration called ‘Eureka’ moments. And, these moments have...

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Origami : The ancient art of folding papers

Do you remember the first time you folded a paper plane, made that fancy looking hand-fan or ran to play...

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The Legacy of the Kepler Space Telescope

  One of Earth’s most venerable planet-hunters, NASA’s Kepler spacecraft, has gone quiet. NASA the space agency announced that after...

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Celebrating the “First” People of India : World Indigenous People Day

9th August is a day to remember and celebrate the first people of the world, or as they are more...

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