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Parent Club Webinar 101s: Storytelling For Children

Team StoryWeavers|September 20, 2021, 15:06 IST|

The tradition of storytelling is a part of almost all cultures, especially narrating stories to little ones. BYJU’S Parent Club Webinar,  on The Art of Storytelling, highlighted the key aspects of storytelling that can help children learn better. Children’s love for stories is an extension of their curiosity to know new people, animals or other creatures and visit new places based on the interaction of these characters and more. Stories are an integral part of their learning experience.

Some benefits of storytelling are:

  • It expands literary skills by improving their grammar and vocabulary
  • It helps promote better communication as children listen more intently, collect information to understand, and then ask questions
  • It helps in imparting important moral values and lessons through interesting characters. For instance, a story about a  greedy character who always gets into trouble allows them to understand that being greedy is not good
  • It helps in recording history and sharing anecdotes from family stories or world stories, promoting a better understanding of their connections  and associations with people and places
  • Emotional development is perhaps the most important aspect of storytelling where the child feels and experiences various emotions when listening to stories. It helps them learn from the lead character – how to deal with difficult situations and overcome adversity. They explore emotions like fear and anger through a safe distance when they witness the character’s responses and struggles
  • Boosts imagination skills and allows them to paint a picture through words. A rich mental world is crafted in their minds when listening to a story and picturing everything that happens in it.
  • Stories and storytime serve as a great way to foster intimacy between parents and children. Cuddling and getting together with a book then becomes a natural part of storytelling sessions.

Storytelling has many more benefits and the best part is that parents don’t need a special skill set to narrate stories. Some quality time, kindness and love are enough to create a beautiful storytelling experience!

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Mariam Taqui Ali (pro tip: the middle name is pronounced tuh-key) A Word slayer, pluviophile, baker, traveller; among other things, knows the correct usage of punctuation and the difference between your and you're. She spent some time (read a lot of time) writing, editing and keeping track of word counts. Her trysts with writing and editing has led her to interact with experts from diverse industries like healthcare, wellness, HR, business and technology. Having experienced all that, she continues her professional explorations, to learn, to grow and to be a value add. Drop in a line at if you liked her stories, have something nice to say, or if you have compelling ideas to share!

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