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Breathtaking Backdrops and Bright Smiles: The Filming of Education For All

Team StoryWeavers|July 21, 2022, 15:30 IST|

Education for all - behind the scenes

Education for All — a social initiative by BYJU’S, is empowering underprivileged children across the country with access to quality digital education. Currently, we are on a mission to impact 10 million children by 2025.

This 5-minute film, shot during the pandemic, gives you a glimpse of our efforts.

The film takes you along a heartfelt journey — into the frosty Himalayan landscapes and the scorching dunes of the Thar Desert — as we deliver hope to children, packed in little boxes of learning. It also touches upon the reality of living in remote lands, and every scene is carried along by a joyful melody, that leaves you with an overwhelming feeling of hope.

The storyline encompasses why we began the initiative, and how we plan to impact the lives of millions of children in the years to come.

A Scroll Through the Scenic Shoot

Education For All Film - behind the scenes shows the landscape of a mountain against the sunlight

The film was shot along the breathtaking expanse of India’s lush terrains — from the snowy wonderland of Kashmir to the vast desert of Rajasthan.

Education for all film - behind the scenes of the shoot - shows mountain landscapes against the blue skies

The team of 30-40 people managed to explore the entire area in a span on 20 days, covering stories across the landscape.

Education for All film - behind the scenes shoot with the children from Rajasthan

The children were extremely energetic and bubbly. They played local games with the crew and even cooked and served the regional delicacies.

Education for all film - behind the scenes - the schools in Kashmir during the pandemic were shut down

Most of the schools in Kashmir wore a deserted look since the pandemic. In fact, some of the abandoned classrooms had blackboards with the date March 2020 etched onto them.

Education for all film - behind the scenes - a shy Rajasthani girl smiles and poses for the camera

The children were really excited to be a part of the shoot. But, some of them were still shy. This young girl managed to strike a pose for our camera!

Education for All film - behind the scenes - a girl from rajasthan is sitting in front of the camera

One of the two children who featured in the opening shots of the film, from Jaisalmer, and also one among hundreds who were intrigued to audition.

Education for all film - behind the scenes shoot - crew with the camera sitting on top of rocks on a waterfall

The film was no short of everything that defines India’s biodiversity. The crew carried the camera onto rugged terrains, snowy pathways, and energetic waterfalls.

Education for all film - behind the scenes shoot - Mansi Kasliwal VP of Social Initiatives is with a child holding a BYJU'S product package

Mansi Kasliwal, VP of Social Initiatives at BYJU’S, smiles for the cameras with one of the children.

Education for All Film - Behind the Scenes Shoot - Crew is seen walking on a bridge over a flowing stream and under a bright sun.

Moving from location to location was not an easy feat. Leaping across shaky bridges was also a must to successfully capture the essence of the setting.

Education for all film - behind the scenes - the crew in a huddle

Two cameras were rolling simultaneously at all times to do justice to the stories of the children. In fact, there was enough footage to make a documentary, even!

Education for all film - behind the scenes - crew standing on the desert sands against the bright blue sky

The glistening sunlight of the desert embraced the crew, hard at work!

Education for all film - behind the scenes shoot- the families of the children living in the himalayan regions.

The families of the children were so welcoming and greeted the team with wide smiles.

Education for all film - behind the scenes shoot - crew on a boat

During the shoot, the team adventured through a variety of cultures, cuisines, and exciting new modes of transportation.

Education for all film - behind the scenes shoot - a panaromic view of the jaisalmer desert with children and the crew

Meeting the innocent children in Jaisalmer was a humbling experience. Each of them was full of joy and seemed to love the little world they grew up in.

Education for all film - behind the scenes - A colourful house in the valleys of kashmir

The houses in the valley were painted in bright colours, offering a glimpse of the local culture.

Education for All Film - behind the scenes shoot - a native man from kashmir posing for the camera

This kind-hearted native flashed a warm smile and readily struck a confident pose for our cameras.

Watch the Education For All Film

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