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National Technology Day: BYJU’S EFA Spreads the Wings of Learning with Technology

In today’s world, education and technology go hand-in-hand, especially since the pandemic forced us all into a virtual space. In...

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Shaping Arvind’s Dreams with Education

Almost every child dreams big and hopes to reach for the stars. However, not every child is privileged with all...

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How Isha Vidhya is Making Education Accessible in Rural India

Education has a critical role in the future of a child, but millions of children still do not have access...

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A Hope to Create Unity in Neurodiversity: Akhil Lad on Living with Autism

Imagine you see a huge brown patch on a bright white wall. To some of us, that’s a stain, to...

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Tales for a Lifetime: BYJUites Narrated Stories to the Kids of IDEA Foundation

Have you ever heard a great story that has left a lifelong impact on you? When you think of it,...

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Student Today, Teacher Tomorrow: Rishika’s Dream Roadmap

Often, the fondest memories of a student are from school, learning from a teacher who introduces them to a world...

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How BYJU’S EFA supported Harsh Singh & distributed 100 devices to children

Life for children across the world comes in different shades and colours – some bright and hopeful, others dark and...

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Youth volunteerism, upskilling and education? Yes, IN-DEED!

The intergenerational cycle of poverty has been increasing, with every uneducated child and every unemployed youth. Even today, over 83...

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Boosting Harshita’s Dream of Becoming a Civil Engineer

“I hope to become a civil engineer one day and build a big home for my family,” says Harshita* Kumari,...

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