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How BYJU’S Is Bringing Convenience To Learning For These Sisters

Team StoryWeavers|April 08, 2020, 12:48 IST|

Meryl and Maria are a pair of witty and confident sisters from Ahmedabad. 

Tenth-grader Maria has refined literary interests for her age. She loves writing short stories and poetry. When asked what she likes doing in her free time, Maria says that she loves reading in a nice cozy nook, but not before sixth-grader Meryl could add-in that she likes reading too!

Meryl goes on to confidently explain that her other hobbies include doing craft DIYs, drawing and painting. “And annoying me,” quipped Maria in a way that only sisters can. 

With parents who lay emphasis on empowering their daughters to be independent, the sisters have found that BYJU’S – The Learning App gives them the freedom and convenience to study effectively at any time and anywhere. The enriching videos and customized learning paths help meet all their learning needs from the comfort of their home!

Watch Meryl and Maria talk about their journey with BYJU’S here!

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Deepthi is an ambivert who is on a steady diet of good food, filter coffee, and self-improvement. Being an ardent reader, storytelling has been her first love and she enjoys exploring how to convey stories compellingly. Having studied psychology and experienced the learning and development field, Deepthi is driven to understand human behavior and to know what makes each of us unique. You are most likely to find her tucked into a cozy corner at a local cafe with a Kindle or a book in hand. If you find her there, stop by and say hello, she'd be eager to learn your story too. Until then, you can ping her at for anything you may like to share.

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