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How did BYJU’S help Aadya Mahraur score 99.4%?

Team StoryWeavers|September 04, 2020, 09:52 IST| 10


Team StoryWeavers recently had a chat with Aadya Mahraur, who scored an impressive 99.4 percent in CBSE Class 10th Boards Exam 2020. She discussed the secret behind scoring such high marks, how she tackled her weaknesses, and some quick tips on how to prepare for the upcoming 10th board exam.

Sixteen-year-old Aadya followed a fairly simple study routine throughout her 10th board preparation. She studied for two-three hours in the evening apart from her study time at school. “The rest of the time, I relaxed and read my favourite novels,” she said. “I never forced myself to study for a long time and took enough breaks whenever I felt I needed to. This helped me study efficiently, understand the concepts better, and concentrate well.”

“Although I studied at my pace and according to my mood, I made sure to not fall behind my schedule and always completed topics on time,” she said.


Aadya came across an ad for the BYJU’S App when she was in the eighth grade and immediately purchased it after being satisfied with the free version. The app helped her get a better understanding of the basic concepts in math and science, and prepared her for exams with numerous test papers. “The videos on the app were very useful in clearing the concepts. One of the best features in the app is the way teachers provide examples for a topic backed by real-life scenarios. This helped me get a much better understanding of the concepts.” Along with that, she banked on the support from her mentor at BYJU’S who constantly guided her till the very last minute of her board exams.


Significant support from parents and teachers

Coming from an Air Force background, Aadya had shifted to several schools before settling in Greater Noida four years ago. This frequent change had raised challenges in concentrating on her academics. But thanks to her supportive parents and school teachers who have always believed in her potential and constantly encouraged her to do well in studies, Aadya managed to keep her cool in spite of all the moving around. “My parents were ever-supportive and made sure that I was happy and able to study. Until my fourth-grade, my mother (who is a school teacher) helped me with my daily study routine, but eventually she gave me the freedom to study on my own and at my pace. This confidence she had in me gradually shaped me into a self-learner,”  said Aadya. She further adds, “My teachers were my biggest supporters. They guided me well and showed me where I was lacking and how I can put my maximum effort to improve it.”

Her parents said that Aadya has been meticulous towards her studies from the very beginning and we hope she continues to keep up the practice.

Team StoryWeavers wishes Aadya all the best for her future.

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September 25, 2020

Good luck

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September 11, 2020


Ayushi Anand

September 8, 2020

Thanks byjus.I study in class 7 and last year I scored 97% because of you.Thanks

Varad Tukaram Aglave

September 7, 2020

Congratulations my friend


September 6, 2020

Congratulations ?

Tamralipta Jena

September 6, 2020

Thanks Byju’s.You clear all our doubts.Nice and wonderful explanation of this topic. We are glad for that.
Congratulations. Byju’s team doing absolutely great job.

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September 6, 2020

Nice and a wonderful explanation of this topic. a very very glad of this thanks a lot. once again

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Prakash Kumar

September 5, 2020

Nice and a wonderful explanation of this topic. a very very glad of this thanks a lot.

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September 4, 2020

Congratulations ??


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