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How This Sixth-Grader From BYJU’S Became An Ace Fluid Acrylic Artist

Team StoryWeavers|August 04, 2021, 16:35 IST| 1

Fluid art

Fluid art, or fluid acrylic pouring, as it is commonly known, has become quite popular recently. But did you know that the technique isn’t brand new and has been around since the 1930s? A Mexican artist and political activist David Alfaro Siqueiros first discovered fluid art in his studio which he then described as ‘accidental painting’. While we could easily make a mess trying out this cool painting technique, Aadya Singh, a 10-year-old from Visakhapatnam has mastered the art already. So much so that she has won awards at several painting competitions for her unique rendition of fluid acrylic pouring.

Shades of brilliance

As the name suggests, all you have to do is pour the paint onto a surface, such as on a canvas or MDF board. You can pour a single colour or even a mixture of acrylic paint at the same time. And then tilt the canvas accordingly until the desired pattern is formed. 

Aadya’s talent in fluid art has won her several accolades over the years. The 10-year-old won the first prize in a drawing competition conducted by Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd in Visakhapatnam last year. She had also won the first prize in a national-level painting competition in Udaipur conducted by the mining company Hindustan Zinc Limited in 2014 when she was an LKG student. 

The Class 6 student shares that she loves fluid art the most among other things like dancing, reading books and watching cartoons on television. “Fluid art is not easy to master, however, it helps me to be creative and do what I wish on an empty canvas. There’s an extraordinary thrill involved in this kind of artform as you do not know what your artwork will finally look like. It is also quite therapeutic,” she explains.

Fluid art

The BYJU’S touch

With schools shut for almost two years now due to the pandemic, along with her online classes, Aadya has grown to love  attending BYJU’S Classes. She gets to clear all her doubts on the spot. She says, “With BYJU’S Classes, I have a regular timetable that allows me to learn all my concepts in Science, Maths, History, Physics, Biology and Chemistry. The teachers are extremely kind and friendly and I can easily interact with them and get my doubts cleared. Since it’s all explained with a lot of audiovisual elements, I like spending time learning on the app. This way, I understand the topic better and retain it for a longer period.” 

Aadya adds that she misses her friends and the time spent in school. However, it has not been very difficult for her to adjust to online classes.

On a regular day, you would find her concentrating on her academics for nine hours and trying to master fluid art. Aadya’s mother tells us that she is always bustling with energy, making diligent efforts to be engaged in some kind of activity at all times. “Besides fluid art, she is also involved in Western dance. During her leisure hours she is either playing cricket, reading books or refining her talent in fluid art,” Aadya’s mother shares.

Are you interested in fluid art? Tell us what you like about it in the comments below.

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