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BYJU’S Toppers reveal ways to manage time during board exams

Team StoryWeavers|May 18, 2022, 07:41 IST| 1

It’s  board exams time! You are writing your maths paper. Your year-long preparation for this subject is reflecting well through your confidence. So you start off well, swiftly solving one problem after another. You are a bit relaxed as all the questions look familiar. Your rigorous practice seems to have paid off. But wait, you blink, and it’s ten minutes before the final bell rings. And you still have a few more questions to attempt. Although you are winning the race against all the questions, you’re losing your race against time! 

What would you do? 

Tringggggg… the bell goes, and the examiner appears out of nowhere to collect your answer sheet!

Does this situation sound familiar to you? 

You might be well prepared for that maths exam or any other exam, but it takes more than just thorough preparation to excel. One important area that students usually miss out on is time management!

So what strategies can you follow that can help manage time efficiently during exams? Are there any hidden tricks for completing a paper on time? How to manage time for students is of great importance for any exam!

Get all your answers from the BYJU’S Class 10 toppers. 

In episode three of our webinar series Hear it from the Toppers, we bring you students from across the country who reveal their unique studying hacks and strategies that helped them ace in the 2020 board exams. 

Tune in to see four bright students in a candid conversation with BYJU’S Teacher Aswin Vijayraghavan as they share their views on time management, learning hacks, exam prep tips and more!

Have you caught up with the previous two editions of Hear It From The Toppers? Head over to these links to learn hacks to ace board exams straight from our toppers!

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