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Harvard aspirant Vanshika shares her tips to success

Team StoryWeavers|November 4, 2017|

Meet the girl with unconventional ways of learning

The Topper’s speak column captures some extraordinary students at BYJU’S who shares their secret tips to success. Amidst their hurly-burly daily activities and their multiple to-do list items, they all maintain one thing in common – they all strictly adhere TIME!

Vanshika Agarwal is an 11th grader from Shirdi Sai Public School,  who scored a 10 CGPA in her 10th board exam.

Her success mantra is ‘Dream, Aspire and Achieve it.’

Vanshika with her family

Belonging to a family who owns a Chartered Account business firm, Vanshika grew up learning how to have diversified ideas and become one’s own master of thoughts. As she says, “I have acquired a lot of knowledge about handling a business from my elders. They are my constant motivation. When I grow up, I want to be a CEO of a multinational company,” she smiles briskly.

Her pathway to success:

A polyglot learner, (YES! She is proficient in Japanese, English, along with her mother tongue Hindi) Vanshika is currently schooling herself to be an expert in the French language during her free time. “What started off as a curiosity to learn Japanese turned into a serious passion to learn multiple languages. I feel the same for my school studies too. In short, I just love to learn for life. Be it my school subjects or new languages, to be an expert, I make sure that I avoid memorizing. Instead, I relate to things and learn.”

Vanshika has a unique way of preparing for studies. She…DANCES!

Dancing works as a stress buster for her. “You must have heard about bathroom singers but I am a dancer-both inside and outside of the bathroom. (she giggles) I play my favorite songs and just dance. This energizes me and helps in clearing my mind, especially during exam time. I can give my 110% into studies after that.”

Timetables right before exams are a strict no-no for Vanshika. She believes in planning and working towards it wholeheartedly from the start. “The pivotal role of making a timetable is to follow it. Many a time we fail to do so because either we don’t plan it properly or our determination level is lesser than required.”

She adds on, “I plan my timetable a month in advance and try to justify while allotting time and subjects to each week. This gives me some leisure time in between and also allows me to focus on my studies. Along with that, I ensure to do what I like the most in between my studies – read novels. It’s very much a necessity to keep a calm mind and has those mini-breaks in order to focus on my studies.”

Tips to prepare for exams:

Boards exams are always crucial for a student, but that is not the end of one’s life. Vanshika is very clear about this and her rules are short and simple:

  • Don’t be scared of board exams. They are there to test our skills, not to judge us.
  • We should convert studies into passion; this will not only reduce the pressure but also let us enjoy the phase of education.
  • Make short notes for each chapter. We should develop our own method of learning and understanding concepts.
  • It is very important to know oneself and understand the areas of improvement in order to work on it.
  • Last but not the least, we are our biggest competition. So, work on bettering yourself every single day.

BYJU’S app – an added adventure:

When asked about how BYJU’S has helped her achieve a 10/10 CGPA  in 10th boards, Vanshika had her answer at the tip of her tongue.I just love the way Divya ma’am and Anand sir makes every topic come to life. I felt the difference between classroom studies and learning through videos on the app. Also, my mentor, Aniket sir helped me a lot – from clearing my doubts on time to counselling a day before my board’s exam. I could achieve a good score only because of them.”

Vanshika’s mother expresses her satisfaction by saying, “We have always made sure to give her the freedom to opt for whichever stream she wants to. We just want her to be serious about her choices and focus on the goals which she has set for herself. Whatever score she gets in the future, it’s all her hard work and dedications.”

We wish Vanshika a very bright future 🙂

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