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Here’s How BYJU’S Student Pushti Balances Her Studies and Passion for Dance

Team StoryWeavers|October 8, 2019|

Pushti Sherathia is a vibrant eighth-grader from Gujarat whose true passion is Garbha (a traditional Gujarati folk dance and song). During the 10-day festival of Navratri, Pushti takes part in Garbha from 10 in the night till 3 in the morning. “The whole of Gujarat sways to Garbha,” says Pushti’s mother Usha Sherathia with pride. The family encourages Pushti’s passion for dance by enrolling her in a Garbha class too! This energetic child from Ahmedabad makes sure she finishes her homework before 8 pm every day so she can go to her Garbha classes.

Watch Pushti and her parents talk about their journey with BYJU’S 

This confident girl who expresses herself fearlessly through dance, has gained a lot of confidence in studies with the help of BYJU’S – The Learning App. Pushti’s father Praveen Kumar D Sherathia believes  that the visualisation of concepts and the easy methods to study maths have helped her improve her performance at school.She definitely spends at least an hour on the app every day. 

It’s wonderful to see a family encouraging their child to stay connected with their heritage along with balancing her studies. BYJU’S wishes Pushti the very best of luck for her future endeavours

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