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Here’s How You Can Overcome The Fear Of Maths

Team StoryWeavers|December 23, 2019|

“Our favourite subject is maths!” That’s something you don’t hear every day! But for sisters, Pratyusha, class 4, and Sai Varshini, class 10, the fun of learning is captured by maths. With National Maths Day being celebrated this month, we asked these sisters from Pune, what’s the secret behind making maths fun.

Making the subject interesting is the key to overcoming the fear of maths, according to Sai. “Maths is like a puzzle,” she says.“If you ask someone to solve riddles or puzzles, they’re very enthusiastic and try to answer them. Think of maths the same way,” she adds.

Solving maths problems also gives children a rush of happiness, believes Neelam, their mother. She goes on to add that a subject’s liking is not dependent on the teacher, it’s about whether you understand it or not. That’s where BYJU’S – The Learning App comes into play. Instead of simply remembering the formula, BYJU’S helps the sisters understand the logic behind mathematical concepts and makes them fall in love with the subject.

Watch the story of this unique maths-loving family here!

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