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How did Sanjay score 99.10% with BYJU’S?

Team StoryWeavers|April 6, 2020|

How often do you hear someone say, “Maths and science are super easy for me?” Is it a little hard to believe? Meet BYJU’S student Sanjay Shreyas, who brags about his love for these two subjects, and shares his smart study hacks to ace in any exam. “I try to connect everything around me with science. This makes the subject fun for me to study,” says Sanjay.

International level science talent examination - 2018A ninth-grader, Sanjay has many feathers on his cap. He is a class topper, a proficient cricket and football player, a self-taught chess master, and an artist. But what defines his personality is his undying curiosity to learn things. For instance, when it comes to his favorite subjects, math and science, he says, “When I’m reading a topic or solving a math problem, I try to go beyond the textbook knowledge, and look for additional information on the internet. It helps me in understanding the concept better.” 

A fair share of credit behind his curiosity goes to his grandparents, with whom he spends most of his time. “I draw inspiration from my grandfather, who was a scientist in NIRM (National Institute of Rock Mechanics). He has always motivated me to see and understand things beyond my books and get practical knowledge,” he says and adds, “These days, my grandmother helps me with math and my mother with other subjects.” 

BYJU’S – The Learning App turned out to be the best companion to feed his innate curiosity. He believes that the app provides him additional knowledge and helps him clear concepts on each topic with video lessons. “What I love the most about the BYJU’S app is that I can study at my pace and watch and re-watch a topic until I get the concept right,” says Sanjay with a grin.

Study tips from the topper

Scoring a whopping 99.10% in his final exam from eighth to ninth grade, Sanjay shares his valuable study tips:

  1. Start with a tough subject and then combine it with an easy subject.
  2. Relate and study concepts with real-life examples. BYJU’S video lessons provides me with real-life examples and clear my concepts faster. 
  3. When you are studying, study with 100% concentration. Don’t get distracted with other activities.
  4. Make a habit to practice math every day. This way math will never become a tough subject for you.
  5. Make a lot of notes as it helps in understanding the concepts better. 
  6. Solve a lot of sample papers and additional questions. This helps in understanding your topics better.
  7. Never break your study flow. For example, if you are studying a topic in physics, don’t leave it midway. Instead, complete it by understanding the concept well before jumping into another topic. 

This young all-rounder from Kolar, Karnataka, hopes to pursue medicine at Harvard Medical School and become a neurosurgeon. We hope his enthusiasm and interest take him a long way. We wish him all the best for his future.

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