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Meet Ishita Deshpande, a topper on a mission

Team StoryWeavers|August 05, 2020, 13:11 IST| 6

Some say that ambition is enthusiasm with a purpose, and Ishita Deshpande from Beed, Maharashtra, is on an ambitious journey of her own. Her dream is to find a medicine that can cure and save people from cancer. Having scored a whopping 90.8% in her Class 10 board exams, she has already taken the first step towards her journey by opting for PCB as her subjects for Classes 11 and 12. “Biology is my favourite subject even though I have scored more in Maths than Science,” says Ishita.

Wondering what’s the secret of her success? We asked her about her preparation strategy for the boards,  “I did not have one until my last semester as I spent my first semester preparing for NTSE and second in school exams. While preparing for boards my only strategy was to first finish subjects that I did not like and then enjoy preparing for the rest of them,” Ishita chuckles. “To be precise, I don’t believe in rote learning, I try to learn by doing. Also, I never focussed on my marks as my target was to do well in the boards,”  she elaborates. 

That does sound like a great recipe for success! Speaking of recipes, Ishita and her younger brother run a cooking channel on YouTube by the name of “chhote cooks” where they upload anything new that they make at home.” I like to try out new things and keep learning in my spare time, instead of wasting it in mundane things like watching TV or gossiping. To ensure that my brother also uses his time better, we started this cooking channel together. It also serves the purpose of sharing our recipes with family and friends,” shares Ishita. She has many interests and skills beyond academics and cooking. She is a chess player and has competed at the state level, and has keen interest in drawing and acting. 

Ishita in one of her plays

Ishita’s father, Santosh Deshpande, an Executive Engineer at the BHEL Power Plant, is the reason behind Ishita’s diverse set of talents. He believes that children should take up extracurricular activities as long as they’re in schools, as later on in life, one doesn’t know when they’ll get the time to learn something new. He is also a firm believer of self-learning. “BYJU’S has helped Ishita become a self-learner, as it not only helps in developing conceptual learning but also solves all her doubts. Another major challenge for us in this remote location is internet connectivity; we keep facing network issues all the time. Having BYJU’S offline is a saviour for Ishita. She has benefited from BYJU’S tremendously and I am very happy about it,” he admits elatedly. 

With determination like Ishita’s, we are sure that there’s nothing stopping her from reaching her goals. Team Storyweavers wishes this bright and enthusiastic student the very best for her future endeavours. 

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August 11, 2020

Congrats Ishita!?.
Hope you fulfill your ambition and desire


August 9, 2020

Congratulates Isha ????‍??‍♀️??


August 7, 2020

Congrats ? hope you fulfill the ambitions you desire

Aditi Mishra

August 6, 2020

Congrats dear??


August 5, 2020

Congrats Ishita!???? Same here, I scored more in Maths even though I love science?


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