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“Every Parent Plays a Crucial Role in Motivating their Child to do Better”: Tasneem Sultana

Team StoryWeavers|May 27, 2022, 15:15 IST|

KEEPING THEM CURIOUS – A Parent’s View on the Changing Learning Styles

In conversation with Tasneem Sultana, mother of Jaffaruddin, a 10th-grade student whose life has been reformed after his tryst with online learning.

Parents are at the heart of their children’s education and play the multifaceted role of educators and supporters throughout their children’s academic venture. Parents are the first teachers for any kid. Tasneem Sultana, mother of 16 year old Mohammad Jaffaruddin (Jaffar), is one such parent whose superpower is supporting her four children through their studies along with being the pillar of guidance against the challenges of the academic world.


Jaffar has not felt the pressure of Boards due to his mother’s constant support

Tasneem, a home maker, has seen the changing trends in studying patterns over the years from the time her eldest daughter (currently in 12th) started school to her youngest who is in 5th now.  Jaffar, her second eldest is currently preparing for his 10th board examinations. Despite the hurdles of an overloaded school schedule with pre-board tests and co-curricular activities, Jaffar has not felt the pressure of preparing for his board. Thanks to his mother’s continuous endeavor to provide him the best possible resources and to imbibe the importance of learning the basics via technology.

Tasneem stresses on the fact that – Online learning has added a whole new perspective to studying. For example – the adaptive learning technique offered by the BYJU’S app and the attention and care that Jaffar gets from his mentor has helped with his style and pace of learning. In fact, the app has helped both Tasneem and her husband to understand their son’s interests, strong and weak points.

Talking about regular coaching classes and tuition, Tasneem feels that most of these classes make the efforts of employing the techniques of smart classes, but rarely succeed in getting students to learn on their own. They make the students extremely dependent on the regular testing schedule they provide them with, which curbs analytical thinking and understanding of concepts.

 “I have seen the tremendous pressure that children go through. The focus tends to be only on scoring marks and acing the examinations. We, parents often start depending on the multiple coaching classes to improve our children’s learning process. We don’t realize the importance of inculcating the need to gain knowledge, starting from home. A child’s brain is hardwired to seek care and recognition, and the BYJU’S app offers every student the individual care and attention that’s needed by them.”

She further added, “We do not have to oversee Jaffar’s studies at all; he comes home, finishes his school assignments and studies from the BYJU’S app. Along with his regular schedule of volleyball training sessions, he ensures that he dedicates half an hour every day to go through the app. Before Jaffar hits the bed, he loves solving quiz sets on the app. In fact, his youngest brother also tries these quizzes and goes through the videos along with him.”

Jaffar with his Brother

Jaffar’s youngest brother too attempts quizzes along with him when studying from the app

Apart from using the BYJU’S app for his everyday studies, Jaffar’s interests also lie in understanding computer languages and various software. He spends his free time going through Youtube videos on how different software work and the different tasks they can assist with. In a time when technology and computers are developing rapidly, computer skills are in huge demand, and Jaffar plans to pursue computer sciences and become a computer engineer.

Talking about his experience with the app, Jaffar states, “I never realized the extent of the internet’s reach. It was through a friend that I got to know of online platforms where you could study from. I came across the BYJU’S learning app, during one of my searches online. I recalled seeing advertisements on TV and decided to give the app a try and since then I have not had to depend on other platforms to study from. Armed with my textbooks and the learning app, I can prepare for my examinations more effectively and save up sometime to pursue my own interests.”

Jaffar’s father, Minhajuddin, who is a high school mathematics teacher, believes that the technological revolution that our country is going through will successfully change the learning patterns of the student for the better and that BYJU’S has assisted greatly in giving this sector a massive push. Where initially he used to make his son practice maths problems repeatedly, he has observed a drastic change in his study patterns as he sits down to study on his own, attempts tests on the app and attempts to get the sums right at the first go.

Today, there is no dearth of knowledge in the world around. Backed by technology and innovations, children today can utilize these resources and enhance their learning experiences. We at BYJU’S continue to make attempts to improve in terms of the technology we use and the content we create to make the app a better platform for students.

Special thanks to Mohammed Abrar for being his mentor from BYJU’S and helping Jaffar learn better.

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