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Meet BYJU’S Student Aniruddha – JEE Main 2020 Topper

Team StoryWeavers|March 14, 2020|

With entrance tests and board exam season upon us, we’re sure your studies are in full swing. To help you prepare in the best possible way, we have some vital exam tips from BYJU’S IIT JEE Main topper Aniruddha Sriram.

Aniruddha has scored 99.95 percentile in the JEE Main conducted in January 2020. His insights on preparing, attempting, and approaching JEE are truly unique. We are sure they will help you with your test preparations as well.

Here are Aniruddha’s preparation tips for JEE.

Tips on preparing for JEE

  • Three to four hours of focused studies in a day is much better than studying half-heartedly for 12 hours a day. Focused preparation prevents you from getting too exhausted before the crucial time of writing the exam.
  • Practice is key for a good JEE performance. So, ensure you get enough practice beforehand. Only last-minute studies will not help you much while writing the paper.
  • Keeping up with extracurricular activities, hobbies and interests during the preparation period is very important. This will make sure you don’t burn out.

Tips on attempting JEE

  • Don’t have a set order for attempting the subjects in the exam. Start every exam with a different subject when you practice. In the final exam, pick up a subject randomly and start solving. This will keep your mind fresh. 
  • If you find two or three difficult questions in a row in one section, skip to the next section. This will keep your spirits up, and you are much more likely to complete the whole paper by giving proper importance to all subjects.
  • In physics, do not get stuck in one method while solving a problem. Every problem has multiple angles and the answer lies in one of the angles. For example, if you’re trying to solve a problem using “conservation on angular momentum” but it isn’t going anywhere, try “balancing forces.” You have to examine the problem from every angle to find the solution.

Tips on the overall mindset towards JEE

  • Do not let the stress and fear of the exam scare you out of your wits. If you know that your preparation is good, you have nothing to worry about.
  • A JEE attempt is about being cool-headed before the exam. If you are too anxious, your entire preparation will go to waste. Remember, JEE is just another exam in your life. It cannot define your whole future.
  • Your only responsibility with JEE is to give your best shot while writing the exam. For that “best,” approach your preparation in a balanced way. Don’t give up on extracurricular activities that you enjoy. A calm, collected mindset is crucial when it comes to acing JEE.

Aniruddha stated that the explanation of concepts in BYJU’S – The Learning App and the sample questions for the JEE exams on the app helped him in his preparations. “The way BYJU’S explains the concepts in an animated way gave me a holistic approach on the topic. In the end, it was very efficient to learn from BYJU’S,” he signs off. 

It is always delightful to come across a student with a balanced and healthy approach towards studies. We wish Aniruddha, all the very best for his future endeavours. 

We hope Aniruddha’s tips will help you in your preparation as well!

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