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Sahaj Jolly : There is always a solution for every problem, we just need to look for it.

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A national level archer with an innate skill for chess – Meet Police D.A.V Public School’s 93.4% scorer, Sahaj Jolly, whose success story throws a light on determination and the never give up zeal.

He endeavours: To study in IIT and be a member of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)

His Motto:Never give up in life; keep working towards your goal

Sahaj Jolly’s love for Chemistry, his efforts to excel in exams and crack  IIT are the driving forces behind his success. He shares his tips on how well he conducts his busy schedule, equating his education as well as travelling around the country, representing his school in the field of sports.

The Journey:

At the training camp

Bold and determined from a young age, Sahaj strategizes every step in his life and plans up on how to reach his target.  Good planning has helped Sahaj balance his multiple sports interests as well as ace his studies. My daily timetable is filled with training session for archery and a bit of chess along with practising the guitar and studying my course subjects. I plan my days in such a way that it can accommodate these activities in the best possible way without compromising my study time.”

Being active in sports from an early age, his interest grew in chess after spending countless evenings with his Nanaji (grandfather). I picked up chess skills along with strategic analysis and planning from my grandfather while learning his tactics. His tricks and techniques were so interesting that I started applying  it in my studies too. . Especially for Math, the strategies and planning skills helped a lot.”

Sahaj believes that mistakes are the best teacher. He says, I was very weak in Math. I used to push back on practising math given fear for the subject as well as my busy schedule.  This procrastination hit me hard when I got very low marks in my 11th standard math paper. I then realised that to be successful, I must overcome all my fear. Since then, I started dedicating two hours every day to practice math and I have seen great improvement.”

Tips from the Topper:

As Sahaj states, 10 hours of studies is useless if we don’t concentrate and focus on our work. Be it sports or studies, for good results, we must dedicate wholeheartedly. This is my mantra and I segregate my time carefully so that I can focus on one particular thing at a time and get the best out of it.”

Break down your final goal into small goals:

Drone making event at school

Drone making event at school

Sahaj’s ways are very simple and easy to follow. He believes in setting short goals and fulfilling them in a row. These short term goals are easier to reach and help me in my commitments. For example, if on a Monday I sit with a Physics chapter, I make sure that I  complete the chapter before jumping into another subject. I also write my own notes while studying the subject which comes handy during revision. This way, I can concentrate well with the chapter. Once that’s done, I’ll end that Monday evening by practising mathematics since that subject demands extra efforts. This routine has been helping me since my 9th std and I still continue with it.”

His involvement with archery and his steady achievements did not allow him much time for classroom studies. Hence, he took the help from BYJU’S app which provided him with detailed explanations of topics and ample amount of practice papers. “Given my unpredictable schedule with training sessions,  BYJU’S app was a big relief for me. The teachers’ ways of looking into Maths theorems and breaking it down into minute sections using animations and graphics, helped me clear all my doubts related to the subject. Now, in my mechanical classes, I am one of the students how can give prompt answers to mathematical equations.”(he grins)

About the topper:

Growing up in Jalandhar, Sahaj has always been the best in learning new things with utmost interest. From spending warm evenings with glasses of lassi and chessboard with his grandfather, to growing up along with his friends and making robots and racing cars; Sahaj has an intriguing mind with a determined heart of an achiever.

I have always been interested in mechanics and building things. At present, I am pursuing my mechanical engineering from DAV Institute of Engineering & Technology College in the hopes of doing my masters from IIT. My journey till here has been made smoother by BYJU’S learning app. The videos and the techniques of explaining subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Maths were done in such a way that at the end, I was left with no doubts. Instead, I gained a lot of confidence and scored 90+ in all the three subjects. Even now, when I am learning mechanical ways of dealing with instruments, I keep referring to the app for any doubts.”

Sahaj’s mother added with a sense of pride, “He has always been a self-motivated kid.  He enjoys studying on his own and has never needed strict monitoring.  He understands the value of education and is very clear about his future. We are very proud of him.”

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About the Author

Books are Tanaya Goswami’s first love and cheesecakes come a close second. Talking about movies, music, calligraphy, politics, and Elon Musk will get you listed under the friends’ section of her diary. Ever since moving on from her job as an English lecturer, she spends her time at BYJU’S crafting stories filled with emotion and sprinkled with sarcasm. Outside of work, she’s either learning something new (French, most recently!) or is curled up with a book and a cup of coffee. She firmly believes that discovering what you don’t know is the key to knowledge and is constantly working towards improving herself. Drop in a line at if you liked her stories, have something nice to say, or if you have compelling ideas to share!

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Anushka dadhich

March 21, 2020

Ooo it’s inspiring for me and gorgeous, congrats to you ????????


March 12, 2020

Good dedication

santcharan yadav

March 4, 2020

Iam santcharan Yadav
I agree with you

Vaishnavi vairale

December 12, 2019

Wow, I like strategy .it Will Help Me More


November 22, 2019

Great nothing is impossible when we love our goal


October 30, 2019

Sir I am an arts student of higher secondary but their not much subject of arts like geography ,histroy


October 11, 2019

Bhai you really motivated me to make a never ending study time table


October 10, 2019

It’s really inspiring


September 26, 2019

Very inspiring

Kanishka ponnurangam

September 18, 2019

Truely inspiring


July 5, 2019

Wow…. inspiring story…. multi-talented boy….

Siri Chandana

June 23, 2019

Great inspiration. I got an idea about my future. Thank you byjus.

aswin k varghese

March 18, 2019

very inspiring


February 12, 2019

He is really more inspiring and even my dream is to join ISRO and even I love ? chess
I Really felt very happy after seeing the similarities
He is really an inspiring guy
Sir plz ? tell us more how to prepare for the board xam within this 15days

Baleshwar mahto

February 11, 2019


Manish yadav

January 31, 2019

Very nice inspiring

Amal Johns

January 13, 2019

A fantastic learning inspiration with motivation


November 24, 2018

It’s not a big deal because a student who was studying in Rajkiya Pratibha Vikas Vidhyalaya Sect 11 secured 94% marks just because of self study


October 19, 2018



October 12, 2018

Nice thoughts and most inspirational


September 15, 2018

Really plan, plan and plan to achieve your end goals.


August 25, 2018

It’s really very inspiring.I’m glad to know that anyone from byzu’s student had performed well.


May 21, 2018

Really a inspiring lesson from him.
I learned not to give up in life.


May 19, 2018

Motivating story


May 7, 2018

Self-confidence will make success or acheivement in his/her life. One’s inspiration and our own planning is important to reach success in our life. Through spoke i got inspired had clarity about future


March 31, 2018

Really great man?


March 8, 2018

thinking logically help us more..inspiring


February 21, 2018

Nice and excellent story for students


November 30, 2017

Apne 12 me 93.8 kaise laye????

Sandra Krishnan

November 18, 2017

I really inspired by him


November 13, 2017



November 13, 2017

Motivating Great inspired Guy..Its Encourging Good Excellent Guy…

Kritiiee Jain

November 13, 2017


Anirudh Goyal

November 9, 2017

good and inspiring


November 7, 2017

Really inspiring


November 4, 2017

An Inspirational Story.I Wish Him All The Best For His Life


October 28, 2017

An inspirational guy


October 26, 2017

really inspired me a lot✌✌✌


October 25, 2017

A highly motivated person…. Everyone must learn from his life .

Jaya Ingle

October 25, 2017



October 25, 2017

It is such an inspiring story


October 24, 2017

Well done


October 24, 2017

Very inspiring story


October 23, 2017

Really a very nice and inspiring one.


October 22, 2017

It is awesome and really encouraging to me


October 22, 2017



October 22, 2017

Really inspiring!!


October 21, 2017

Very inspiring….
I have learned a lot from him??

Madhav Anil

October 20, 2017

Really inspiring words………………


October 20, 2017

{As Sahaj states, “ 10 hours of studies is useless if we don’t concentrate and focus on our work. Be it sports or studies, for good results, we must dedicate wholeheartedly. This is my mantra and I segregate my time carefully so that I can focus on one particular thing at a time and get the best out of it.”}. These words of yours are very true and very motivating for true learning. Thanks a lot for sharing your ideas


October 19, 2017

Its inspiring me……….nice


October 18, 2017

Very inspiring story


October 18, 2017

Truly inspiring!


October 18, 2017

It inspired me a lot!

Assay M Kallian

October 18, 2017

Very inspiring story


October 18, 2017

Thnks fr sharing the experience. Its really helpfull..


October 18, 2017

The story is very inspiring for me as I also love chemistry
But I want a help from ur side

Please can u tell how to prepare physics for objective type question

Ayush Kumar

October 18, 2017

Nice yr very inspiring lecture I really need thistype of inspiring lecture

Ayush Kumar

October 18, 2017

Nice very inspiring I really need thistype of inspiring lecture


October 18, 2017

Very nice story..

Himanshu Shukla

October 18, 2017

It’s a very motivating story and it creates a good inspiration to achieve my goals


October 18, 2017

Nice and inspired me to take further steps in my career. Thank u will surely follow ur words and get success in our life


October 18, 2017

Wow very inspiring and bold brother

Anumitha anantharama

October 17, 2017

Truly inspiring ….


October 17, 2017

Congrats…. Thanks a lot….. Since ur story is really an inspiration for me…

Sanjeevani singh

October 17, 2017

You r very inspiring
Please suggest some more tips for study.


October 17, 2017

Very impressive good planning and execution


October 17, 2017

Inspirational story. Seems inspired


October 17, 2017

Amazing yaar … I already have byjus app. Its awsome


October 17, 2017

wow very inspiring


October 17, 2017

Very proud of the boy’s achievements and BYJU’S is a new tech gizmo in the world of modern education.


October 17, 2017



October 17, 2017

Very much similar to my ways…
So it boosted up my morale.


October 17, 2017


Ananda Gopal Ghosal

October 17, 2017

Very good

Ananda Gopal Ghosal

October 17, 2017

Congratulations sahaj


October 17, 2017

Very inspiring and encouraging.


October 17, 2017



October 16, 2017



October 16, 2017

This was something to learn from . inspiring and motivational , congratulations and all the best???


October 16, 2017


Anshu Sinha

October 16, 2017

Thank you buju’s for making me understand my loop holes through this inspiring story

Anaswara Subash

October 16, 2017

Soo impressive


October 16, 2017

Congratulations and all the best for your goal sir.

T. Ajithkumar

October 16, 2017


abhijit sai

October 16, 2017

So good and excellent


October 16, 2017

Very inspiring for students who have low self esteem
It’s quite encouraging


October 16, 2017

Nyc ….Great service and great Academic help….??


October 16, 2017

Really a motivating guy inspired a lot by him


October 12, 2017

Very inspiring!


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