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From Science textbooks to space research- Vishruth proves that it is never too early to start dreaming

Team StoryWeavers|March 17, 2021, 16:25 IST| 9

Vishruth Hegde

Online learning enthusiast Vishruth Hegde talks about the importance of keeping the spirit of learning alive and his love for Space

In many ways, Vishruth Hegde doesn’t appear very different from any other 6th grade student; student of Srimati Vimala Kulkarni Memorial School in Hubli, Science is his favourite subject, not a big fan of Math and enjoys singing and playing badminton. But what sets this polite and soft-spoken boy aside from the rest are his dreams of understanding the intricacies of space to become an astrophysicist. In conversation with Vishruth and his mother Suma, we learnt about how his love for Carnatic music and science is leading his trajectory of life.

Q1. Why do you want to become an astrophysicist? How are you so sure about it so early on in life?

All credit goes to my elder sister Vibha. She is the one who introduced me to the concept of space and planets. The fact that there is a possibility of life in other galaxies, the stars that we see most likely are dead intrigued me and I started researching on these topics. I was amazed to see the amount of research been done in this field and I want to be one of the first Indians to contribute to the field. In fact, based on all my research I have made a presentation on space that highlights my perspective on topics like Quasi-Moon, phases of the sun etc.

Q2. A 6th grade student with such steadfast ambitions, what inspires you?

Vishruth Hegde

Currently, Science is my favorite subject. I get to learn something new every day and I try not to stick to just the regular textbooks. For example – for every new topic that I learn, I also refer to online websites to know more about it. To know and understand a concept in detail keeps is the fun part of learning.

Conversations with my BYJU’S mentor, Sunitha Ma’am, have always inspired me and helped in my learning process. We speak once a month to discuss my progress and areas of improvement and try to find ways to better myself. Sunitha ma’am is very supportive and encouraging. I like the fact that she encourages me to ask more questions and understand the basics of every concept before moving on to the next one.

Q3. Apart from Science and Space what do you keep yourself occupied with on a regular day?

I have been playing badminton for the past one year. I hope this sport helps me grow taller (Vishruth laughs). Also, I belong to a family of music lovers and highly trained Carnatic musicians. My grandfather – a renowned Carnatic singer, is my guru and has been teaching me bhajans and how to play them on the harmonium. I hope to become as skilled as him someday.

I love watching movies too, especially movies that revolve around concepts of space. While a lot of people are obsessed with “Interstellar”, I didn’t like it much, since most of the concepts were hypothetical and did not make sense. “The Martian” on the other hand, seems to be more realistic. It is amazing to see how people’s imagination can take shape in movies.

Q4. How did your journey with BYJU’S start and how has it come along?

I saw the BYJU’S TV commercial and was drawn to the concept of learning visually immediately.  My sister convinced my parents to get me the app and since then BYJU’S has helped me go that extra mile and improve my marks. Topics like “Water” in Science and “Quadrilaterals and Symmetry” in Math are explained very well. I love the fact that teachers at BYJU’S are so innovative and creative with basic concepts, which makes learning more fun and engaging. Visually stimulated learning has tuned my thinking in such a way that I now know that there is no one way of approaching a topic. Once you understand the basics, you can adjust your learning path in whichever way you want.

Vishruth’s mother, Suma, gave us a mother’s perspective of education and how she adjusted the course of her life for her childrenVishruth with his mom

Q1. How has life in Hubli taken its course for you?

Hubli has been a very gracious city to us. My family has been here for decades now and the rich culture and musical background of the city have been an inspiration for us. Many famous music polymaths like Gangubhai Hangal, Sawai Gandharva and the likes have left behind their legacies in this city. Based on this tradition our entire family has an inclination towards music, and even though we are not professionals, the learning continues.

Q2. From an interior designer to a homemaker – How did this transition take place?

I started off professionally as an interior designer but like most mothers, after my second child, I chose to transfer my attention to my children. I decided to focus on my kids while practicing my music and working from home. It is important to not lose sight of our own interests completely. After becoming a mother I could not be very ambitious, and it is true that we have to make sacrifices. All mothers will relate to the fact that at some point our needs become secondary and our children become our priority. It is a beautiful yet complex situation and I hope my children learn from it.

Q3. What advice would you give to other parents on raising their child and their education?

I don’t believe in rote learning and depending solely on textbooks. It’s important for children to think laterally and develop rationalization and logical skills. Technology has taken over all fields of life so parents should encourage their children to use it. Apps like BYJU’S help immensely in expanding the thought process and developing curiosity in children. Exposing them to unique concepts and different learning styles not only peaks their interest levels but also pushes them to love what they learn. For my son, I want him to lead a value-oriented life. Parents often get so ambitious for their children that they forget the importance of values. They become a bad example for their kids.

Special thanks to Sunitha Krishnan for being his mentor from BYJU’S and helping Vishruth learn better.

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Ridhi Golchha

March 7, 2018

I am also inspired by him. Really like his story . I want to be successful like him and achieve my goals. Thank you Byjus


December 11, 2017

I too want to be a astrophysicist and i also prefer BYJU’S. I am also inspired by Vishruth.

Bhavya Sharma

December 11, 2017

I am very glad that I am a student of BYJU’S App This help me to learn many things that I don’t know


December 10, 2017

i am inspired all about him ofcourse i want to become a doctor


December 3, 2017

I am inspired by vishruth in studies and i hope he will be successful in his dreams and thankyou BYJU’S.

Nisarga kadam

August 5, 2017

I am very very glad that I am using BYJUS and I want to become an astronomer in astronauting this is helping me a lot

Harshita singh

July 25, 2017

I am very glad that I am a student of BYGU….. I want to become a scientist and this app helping me a lot to fulfilling my dreams….????

Harshita singh

July 25, 2017

I am very glad that I am a student of BYJU’S. Love this story


June 28, 2017

I am really inspired by this boy? and by BYJU’S


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