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Hailing from the city of Bangalore, the Tiwari brothers have a unique tale of a learning journey riddled with accolades and accomplishments since their childhood days. Divyansh and Shivansh Tiwari are currently in their 8th and 6th grade respectively and are both very different in their passions and goals in life. The one interest they both share however, is having fun with learning, an interest brought on to them by the BYJU’S learning app.

Mr. Santosh Kumar Tiwari, father of the two brothers was initially in the Indian Air Force and after many years of service, went on to join the Central Government, working in the Customs, Excise and Service Tax Appellate Tribunal. A man of few words and a calm demeanour, Mr. Tiwari, like any parent had big dreams for his sons and had them involved in several co-curricular activities from a young age. “I wanted them to free their minds of any social constraints and try out whatever they wanted. This will help them figure out their actual areas of interest instead of following the regular method of picking passions just because everyone else is picking them,” he shares.

With a job that took them all over the country from Hyderabad, to Jaunpur and now to Bangalore, one of the major challenges Mr. Tiwari’s sons faced was the lack of a stable study environment, having to change schools and boards occasionally. What initially seemed like a hurdle soon proved to be a blessing in disguise. After spending months on the internet and researching on different learning platforms, the brothers came across the BYJU’S app on Google Playstore and downloaded it; intrigued by the colourful animations, simple concept explanations, and vast coverage of topics of all grades. “With every new school, we spent hours trying to adjust to the new school learning patterns and schedules which added to our stress levels. Books became confusing as we would have learnt one concept in a particular way in our previous school and in a different way in the next school. As a result, we would have to go through chapters multiple times to understand them fully,” states Divyansh, the older of the brothers.

After a week of going through the videos, attempting tests and going through the personalized learning journeys in the app, the brothers realised that the one learning companion they needed for the long run had finally come their way. “We realised that discovering the BYJU’S app, had helped make learning absolutely stress-free. A particular math or science chapter would take several hours in school and at home to understand and learn, but through the app – with the detailed explanations and examples, we have both managed to save up on a lot of time and learn smart,” divulges Shivansh.

Divyansh, who is a regional Kabaddi player has interests panning from swimming and public speaking to Hindi poetry and logical reasoning. Going steady with his father’s belief of “giving everything a try and not restricting oneself”, apart from his day-to-day study schedule, he manages to fit in some hours of reading and writing Hindi poetry, a talent that lead his work being published in his school magazine. A confident young boy, he also does not shy away from speaking before others and hopes to use his oratory skills for more impactful causes in the future. “I love going up on a stage and talking to people, for most of our school functions and competitions, I volunteer for the role of an emcee – it is a huge confidence boost and I hope it will help me gain skills for when I am applying for the Civil Services.”

Shivansh on the other hand has an inclination towards the arts. A regional Chess Master and a lover of cricket, the younger sibling spends much of his time creating stunning art pieces and origami work. Despite being a “ Straight A Scorer”, Shivansh aims to become a better learner on the long run so that he can be more knowledgeable. “Ten years from now, I see myself as a game developer, who is a master in his field, but also has knowledge of other subjects and areas. I think this is what BYJU’S has helped me with more – opened up a window to so many different subjects, concepts and ways of learning. What would take hours to read and understand from a textbook can be learnt in 20 minutes though a video, leaving more time to learn other things,” Shivansh shares with us playfully adding that stress is just a word for him and his brother now.

Both brothers, toppers in their classes are on their way to becoming masters in their field of interest, however knowing that they are still very young and have a lot to learn and discover, their parents leave them to learning on their own. Mrs. Tiwari, their mother tells us, “They are both very eager to learn and we make sure to never curb their curiosity by avoiding the hundreds of questions they ask everyday, even though their questions sometimes seem endless. We make sure they balance their studies out and do not spend their entire childhood just mugging from textbooks.”

We thank the brothers’ mentor, Krutika Shetty for her constant support and guidance, and for transforming them into lifelong learners.

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