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There’s a new artist on the block!

Team StoryWeavers|January 7, 2019|

These sketches are the work of 13-year-old Santo Davis, who has been creating masterpieces for as long as he can remember. Wondering how we discovered this budding artist? He is the winner of the “BYJU’S Doodle Contest 2018”! Students from across the world participated in this contest that was themed around “7 Years of Learning with BYJU’S” with their own take on the BYJU’S logo. Their drawings were judged based on artistic merit, creativity and how well the theme was represented.

An eye for art

Sometimes talent does run in the family. This definitely stands true in Santo’s case. His parents are amazing hobby artists and have always encouraged Santo to discover his identity as an artist, helping him pursue his passion for art in his free time.

For Santo, his own imagination is his muse. He’s always armed with his drawing tools so he can get doodling as soon as an idea strikes. He also  follows a lot of artists on Youtube and Instagram, which is what helps him him learn and better his creative process.

Besides art, he is also into cubing! Solving the Rubik’s cube began as a pastime during his summer vacations and  has now turned into a fun personal challenge for him. He is currently trying to beat his own record time of 36 seconds!

Finding the right balance

Pursuing his hobbies in his free time and excelling at school is a daily struggle for  this art prodigy. This pushed him to take the help of the BYJU’S app to find the right balance between the both. For him the app is a perfect learning companion, helping him understand complex concepts and do quick revisions of  whatever was taught in class. He is also a serial quizzer and the Quizzo feature on the app is one his favorite ways to hone his quizzing skills and keep learning new things everyday.

What we loved about his entry for the BYJU’S Doodle Contest?

Santo’s entry definitely stood out from the rest because of his unique drawing style and thought process. We loved that he brought in loads of cool Math and Science elements in the logo with an added ring of celebration to represent 7 years of learning.It’s amazing how his  creativity created a logo so fitting to all that BYJU’S stands for.

Congratulations for your big win Santo!We know you are off to great places.A big thanks to Santo’s mentor Anish for supporting him through his learning journey and for encouraging him in all his endeavours.

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