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What’s Shreejay’s Secret Recipe To Acing Maths and Biology?

Team StoryWeavers|April 08, 2020, 12:40 IST|

“When I first heard about the missiles and rockets that Dr A P J Abdul Kalam made, I knew immediately that I wanted to become a space scientist when I grow up.”

Big dreams like that call for big energy and determination and Shreejay Reddy from Secunderabad is the just the student to take them on.

An organised eighth-grader from BRJC Parsi High School, Shreejay’s morning routine is fit to give the most efficient of adults a run for their money! “In the morning, before I go to school, I finish my pending homework, help my brother with his homework, study for a bit from BYJU’S-The Learning App, go to the temple, and bring milk.”

We doubt you’d have heard of a more productive schedule than that!

Even in school, Shreejay’s enthusiasm shows in all the activities that he takes up. Playing for the school basketball team, participating in kho-kho tournaments, and learning the guitar are some of the things that Shreejay excels at with flair. “I also enjoy dancing, chess and carom,” he adds to an already impressive list of extracurricular activities.

This drive to perform well translates to Shreejay having an effective schedule for his studies too. Even amidst staying indoors in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, Shreejay makes sure he follows a timetable at home so that his day is a good mix of study and play.

In the jam-packed daily routine of this bright young mind, BYJU’S-The Learning App proves to be a trusted learning companion, making learning simple and easy. “All my doubts are cleared when I watch lessons on BYJU’S. The way the teachers teach and the examples they use are so easy to understand,” says Shreejay.

A class topper in maths, BYJU’S helped Shreejay conquer biology too! “After watching the videos in biology I made it a habit to write down the main points in the video. I go through these main points while revising. This is very useful during exams,” he says. Using this method of learning with BYJU’S, Shreejay reports that his marks in biology have improved!

Success often follows students like Shreejay who back up their dreams with hard work and determination. With a zealous approach to life at such an early age, we are sure that Shreejay’s future is bright indeed!

Team Storyweavers wishes Shreejay all the very best for his future endeavours!

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