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Kudos to our Chemistry whiz-kids!

With over 9,000 responses to our periodic table quiz, you have proved that you love chemistry and are craving to...

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Lunar Eclipse : The Moon of a different color

Eclipses have always fascinated human beings. One of my favorite mythological take on the eclipse is the Hindu god Rahu...

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Science Behind Fidget Spinners

  Fidget spinners the coolest ball bearing passe is seen as the new fad among today’s teenagers These are the...

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The Key to Better Learning is to ‘Learn Everyday’

Meet Anannya Jha from Delhi – a Science nerd, a Ruskin Bond fan and a strong believer of learning something...

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Learning Becomes Fun When You Have The Best Companion To Learn From – Amogh Petkar

12 year old Amogh Petkar from Chitrakoota School (7th grade), Bangalore shares his love for science, paintings and how using...

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Learning is fun and easy if we plan it properly! – Devananda

If education is the foundation for a bright future, how do we make it strong from a young age? In...

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Replace exam Nervousness with Proper Planning – Laina Lakshita

“Learning is fun and easy when one plans out properly. It helps in building self-confidence too.” Meet 11 year old...

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