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Learning Becomes Fun When You Have The Best Companion To Learn From – Amogh Petkar

Team StoryWeavers|March 6, 2018|

12 year old Amogh Petkar from Chitrakoota School (7th grade), Bangalore shares his love for science, paintings and how using BYJU’S app has helped him score 97% in Science.

His Motto: Focus on self-improvement and always set your targets high!

Amogh’s love for Biology and his dreams of becoming a Biologist are the driving forces behind his success. He shares his tips on studying with a set timetable and how to avoid rote learning.

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His Journey:

Setting and following a strict study timetable is Amogh’s secret mantra. He believes that this method of preparation helps him achieve his goals be it at art competitions, online sports or school exams.

I plan my day in such a way that I get enough time to play, paint and study. Be it on weekdays or weekends, I never compromise on my study hours. This helps me boost my confidence and prepares me to face any challenges of life,” smiles Amogh.

A gifted painter, Amogh has won multiple awards for painting competitions. “I love to paint. It helps me to relax and concentrate better. Painting helps me escape into a colourful world where all the characters from my paintings come to life.” grins Amogh.

Amogh’s love for Science, especially his interest in Biology has helped him develop his interest in other subjects as well. “Unlike subjects like Social Studies or languages, Biology has many long terms which are difficult to remember at times. Hence, I used to relate those terms with something similar from the surroundings. When I started using the BYJU’S app, the engaging videos made those complex concepts very easy for me to understand.

Tips from the Topper:

Amogh states that, “It’s pointless to sit and study the whole day if our agenda is to mug up only. To understand the concepts better, I follow a few key rules which help me to enjoy my studies.”

  • Set a timetable and strictly follow it. That helps in providing sufficient time for each subject
  • Always study the tough concepts first. I learn complex biology concepts from BYJU’S – The Learning App. The videos really help me analyses and understand the tough concepts better
  • Avoid mugging up. Instead, take a topic, break it down into subtopics and learn through practical examples from the surroundings
  • Try to visualize complex concepts of Science and Maths for better understanding. The videos from the learning app help me visualize all the concepts and get a clear idea
  • Practice makes a man perfect!’ When you complete any concept, immediately work on the exercises and test papers related to it. This helps in better understanding
  • Lastly, exams are just a part of the school curriculum. Do not get nervous. Instead, prepare for exams well in advance

BYJU’S App – a Gift

At a very young age, Amogh was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy which bound him to a wheelchair, thereby limiting his access to school and classroom learning. That’s when his parents discovered about BYJU’S – The Learning App.

We were very lucky to get BYJU’S app as it helped Amogh to understand the core subjects like Science and Math better. The short animated videos for each concept are so well explained that he doesn’t require any other mode of explanation,” says Nisha Petkar, mother of Amogh.

She further adds, “Before the BYJU’s App he used to spend a lot of time in understanding the Mathematical concepts and solving problems. A lot of times, he used to skip and score low in his math and science papers. Now, with concept clarity and access to shortcut techniques he enjoys appearing for his Math and Science exams. The BYJU’S’ way of learning has really helped him overcome these hurdles and score high in his exams. He gets so engrossed in using the app that he now tries to find out time even during his physiotherapy sessions to watch the videos. I am very happy as I can rest assure that he’ll study of his own.

A special thanks to Amogh’s mentor Bindu KS for guiding him towards his achievements and helping him grow his love for learning.

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