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Tell Me Why #2: Why can’t humans grow wings?

Presenting our new series – ‘Tell Me Why…’ where we explain to you the ‘why’ behind anything and everything that’s...

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Parth Bhatt – The 7th Grader Coding Iron Man’s J.A.R.V.I.S App

If you’d talk to Parth Bhatt, he would tell you all the stories about the cricket matches he and his...

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The Science Behind Hiccups

Your teacher hands out the test and reminds everyone that there is to be no talking and no noise. The...

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Ligers, Grolars and the mixed-up world of hybrid animals

We’ve all heard of the phenomenal hybrid creatures in mythology that surpass everyone’s imagination, but did you know that hybrid...

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How did Vasundhara top her Class 10 CBSE exams?

It takes dedication, hard work, and meticulous planning to succeed in life. Mohali resident Vasundhara Chaudhary seems to have got...

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Here’s how BYJU’S helped this father and son bond

Someone once said, “Children are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate.” True, we all have role models,...

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Curiosity for learning keeps Kunj Buddhadev going

Generally, there are two types of learners – one who studies in order to score well and the other is...

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Shrawni Mandke: Jack of All Trades and Master of All!

Are you a voracious reader? How many books do you read in a day? Team Storyweavers recently spoke to a...

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Gauranshi Sabharwal: A multi-talented star in the making

“Success is not only about marks. It’s about the knowledge gained at the end.” This is an aphorism 11-year-old Gauranshi...

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