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Shrawni Mandke: Jack of All Trades and Master of All!

Team StoryWeavers|June 12, 2019| 55

Are you a voracious reader? How many books do you read in a day? Team Storyweavers recently spoke to a budding bibliophile – Shrawni Pawan Mendke from Indore. A student of BYJU’S – The Learning App, Shrawni’s story on how she fell in love with books, developed a taste for art and became a smart learner left us wanting to know more about this enterprising student.

14-year-old Shrawni’s day begins at 4 am and goes on till 12 pm!

We asked Shrawni the secret behind such a dedicated routine. “My mom! She inspires me to work hard and give my best in everything – be it academics or co-curricular activities,” she says.  

A student of many interests

Shrawni’s interests are varied. She loves sports and has a large appetite for books. “I love reading books. They let me wander into a different time and space, teach me about various cultures and give me wings to explore the world. So, I spend a lot of  my time reading. And, that’s how I end up reading many books,” giggles Shrawni.

Shrawni’s Top Picks

  • Stephen Hawking – My Brief History by Stephen Hawking
  • My Life In My Words by Rabindranath Tagore
  • Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift
  • Hamlet by William Shakespeare
  • Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

Speaking about sports, Shrawni says, “I vividly remember the summer vacation when I learned to hold a badminton racket and hit a shuttlecock over the net. That day, I discovered a new interest and it soon became a regular evening activity for me. Later, my dad enrolled me in a professional class.” These classes have certainly paid off. Shrawni recently won a gold medal in an inter-school badminton tournament.

While we paused for a moment to admire her zeal, she surprised us by adding more to her growing list of hobbies. Turns out, Shrawni is also a trained kathak dancer and a classical singer. And now she’s learning French.

We asked her how she manages time for her studies and extracurricular activities. “I plan my day every morning and work accordingly. I list out the days I have badminton practice or Kathak classes and adjust my study timetable accordingly.  Sometimes, my mom helps me with my studies and together we solve math problems,” she says, with a dash of confidence.

Balancing life with BYJU’S

Studying in 10th grade from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Indore, Shrawni knows with absolute conviction what she wants to pursue after her 12th.“I want to do mechanical engineering and then join the Indian Navy,” she says, beaming with pride.

Mind you, Shrawni has already begun her preparations. Her focus is on math and science and she wants to get her core concepts right. Shrwani stumbled upon the BYJU’S app while she was looking for a personalised learning aid for these subjects. The app is a perfect mix of fun animations and live examples and this works for her. The app allows her to understand the basic concepts at her own pace and balance her time well. “BYJU’S helps me stay up-to-date with my concepts through video lessons. Whenever I have any doubt, I quickly watch the video lesson on that topic and resolve my doubts.”

With such remarkable versatility and her undying love for books, sports and dance, Shrawni is setting a benchmark for her peers. Her story inspires everyone to be determined and to keep the learning spirit on!

A special thanks to Shrawni’s parents and her mentor Raksha Chettri for being her pillars of strength and helping her reach the stars.

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About the Author

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Tanaya Goswami

Books are Tanaya Goswami’s first love and cheesecakes come a close second. Talking about movies, music, calligraphy, politics, and Elon Musk will get you listed under the friends’ section of her diary. Ever since moving on from her job as an English lecturer, she spends her time at BYJU’S crafting stories filled with emotion and sprinkled with sarcasm. Outside of work, she’s either learning something new (French, most recently!) or is curled up with a book and a cup of coffee. She firmly believes that discovering what you don’t know is the key to knowledge and is constantly working towards improving herself. Drop in a line at [email protected] if you liked her stories, have something nice to say, or if you have compelling ideas to share!

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Qansa zufi

June 13, 2019

Thank you shrawni for inspiring me so much. People actually get inspired by you and all the best for your future plans ????


June 14, 2019

Hey I m also a kendriya vidyalaya student


July 9, 2019

All the best and keep it up, keep growing.

Sakshi Satbhaye

August 11, 2019

Thanku biju’s app and shrawani to inspired me ,i am sakshi , user of baju’s the learning app

Avneet Sangwan

February 7, 2020

Thanks byjus app to inspire me?

Alwin p jijo

February 7, 2020


P S Anitha

February 7, 2020


Nived shaji

February 7, 2020

Thanks for inspiring us


February 7, 2020

Your words are really inspiring
All the best. I wish that your dream of joining the indian navy fulfill soon??


February 7, 2020

You words are really inspiring
All the best for your future??


February 7, 2020

Please tell how many hour we do study


February 7, 2020



February 7, 2020

A big thanks to byju’s an Shrawni for inspiring me a lot

Ravirala sahithi

February 7, 2020

Thank you for inspiring me and even I like badmention.

I don't tell my name

February 7, 2020

Nice story of yours but it made me feel a little bit inferior about myself ?
I guess all I have to do is put in more efforts ?

Prithvish Banerjee

February 7, 2020

Shrawani,your love for reading books and yuor varied interest inspires me.I am about to start learning with biju’s.
Fulfill your ambition.
Prithvish Banerjee

Abina s

February 7, 2020

All the best,God bless you.


February 7, 2020

Thanq shrawni didi u inspired me a lot ?
&I will also follow your routine ?


February 7, 2020


Charan kumar

February 8, 2020

Thankyou shrawani for inspiring us and as well as Byjus

Abhinav LG

February 8, 2020

Thanks for inspiring me

Diya Raj

February 8, 2020

Shrawni…all the best for your annual exams..
I’m also a kvian..

Charan kumar

February 8, 2020

All the best keep itup


February 8, 2020

iam studieng is well but some maths tips confusion pl. solve this problem


February 8, 2020

Your time management skills was superb and thanks to inspire us


February 8, 2020

All the best!

Karnam Gayatri

February 8, 2020

Thank you byju’s team for inspiring us!??

Kaushik Baruah

February 8, 2020

Great!You are proud for kvians and also for byjus.


February 8, 2020

You are my inspiration sister

Harsh yadav

February 8, 2020

Bird never fly by seeing the height. They just know how to fly.
Keep up!

Priyadarshani Dhaigude

February 8, 2020

Hi Shrawni I am Aditi. Can you send me your routine


February 9, 2020

Super shrawni keep going ahead.. more power be with you ????


February 9, 2020

I am also inspired from you shrawni,I learned how to put our daily routine


February 9, 2020

Thanks for inspiring u☺??


February 9, 2020

ALL the best keep it up keep growing


February 10, 2020

Your story is really inspirable
You are good in maintaining time accordingly.
Can I know that how much time do you give to your studies?


February 11, 2020

Hey Shrawni I am Tanu. I want to ask you that how many hours do you study excluding learning form BYJU’s and do you continue your extra activities during your exams too?


February 13, 2020

: Hi Shrawni I am Aarav
. I want some tips kindly mail me ur number

Aishee Chatterjee

February 16, 2020

Hey am am also a of student.U inspired me very much.

Charvee Yadav

February 17, 2020

Wow Shrawni Di, you are just a great inspiration for me.
I will definitely follow your tips. I hope it will help me. I m also a student of Kendriya Vidyalaya in
Kolkata region. Thanks byju’s and Di for this.. This is Charvee

R Subashini

February 19, 2020

Well done Shrawni. Thanks for your tips.
My son R.Thanuj is a byju’s student in 6th
Std . He’ll also plan like you and study.

Vanshika Tomar

February 20, 2020

Nice I like it

Soumendra Saha

February 25, 2020

How did you do this secret of success I also want to make.

Enas Rizwan

March 3, 2020

Thank you Shrawani for inspiring me through this wonderful and admirable story

Abhyuday Saxena

March 3, 2020

Hey Shrawni, thank you for your inspiring words.I think so that your and my story are same but a little bit different
Not only do I love reading books but also I like to play Table Tennis , badminton . I wish you all the best for
your future . And I would like to thanks ‘Byju’s The Learning App’ for providing me a better platform to learn
and helping me to enjoy learning .

Smita Prajna Mishra

March 4, 2020

Hey I am also a kendriya vidyalaya student

Sanchita Pawar

March 9, 2020

I am to a classical singer and a dancer as well but due to my studies I have left my dancing and inspired by your story I will try to come back with my dancing skills soon.

Imaan Jagirdar

April 4, 2020

Thank you Shrawni for inspiring me by sharing your study plans and best of luck for your future…

Sai deepthi

April 27, 2020

I will start my daily routine like this Sis


May 30, 2020

Thanks a lot for inspiring me ???


August 18, 2020

Hmm I came here late but first thank u so much for sharing your routine activity
I was like playing and writing in day and reading in night ? but from today I will change


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