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Curiosity for learning keeps Kunj Buddhadev going

Team StoryWeavers|June 26, 2019|

Generally, there are two types of learners – one who studies in order to score well and the other is keen on learning and knowing everything around them. BYJU’S student Rajkot-based Kunj Buddhadev is of the latter type. This teenager’s curiosity has already taken him places. From being chosen for the coveted ISRO’s Young Scientist Program – Yuvika, to being a swimming champion and mastering Karate, playing harmonium and tabla, Kunj has tried his hands on many things and has been successful.  

Doing things the smart way

Talking to Kunj was an interesting experience for Team Storyweavers. We began by asking him, how he manages to remember so many things (he knows all the elements of the periodic table by heart!)? “I consider all the elements in the periodic table as my friends. It doesn’t take much time and effort to remember your friends’ names, isn’t it?” he replies as a matter of fact.

Students have various memory tricks to remember their lessons. But Kunj is different. His approach to learning makes him unique. “Be curious, ask questions, go after the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of things. Then you don’t have to stress about remembering things,” Kunj says.

This brings us to an important question, does curiosity help you score well in exams? “When I’m trying to learn a topic, I ask all sorts of questions as it helps me in understanding it thoroughly. Then, I’m ready for exams even if you wake me up at midnight,” he says.

Being a ranker student all through his childhood, Kunj’s secret to top exams is – revise the topic multiple times. To help him in his quest for learning is BYJU’S – The Learning App. Kunj studies from the app beforehand. And when his teachers take up the topic in school, it becomes the first round of revision for Kunj. After understanding his learning methods, it feels redundant for us to ask the 10th grader if he’s stressed about the board exams. “I am only curious about exams, not stressed,” he admits.

Life is all about balance

As we were trying to figure out where he gets this abundant curiosity and energy to pursue varied interests, we found our answer with his mother. Bijal D Buddhdev has only one dream for her child – Kunj should grow up to be a good person. The rest will all fall in place, she adds.

Having no pressure to fulfil or fit into any particular mould, Kunj has the time and energy to pursue everything he wants to. She helps him in planning his day out, which brings the necessary balance in his life; that between exploring new things and mastering the existing interests.

Do you want to be an engineer or a scientist when you grow up, we ask? “I am not sure about anything as yet,” he confesses. Kunj may not be sure of his career choices as yet, but we are absolutely sure that he is inching towards his goal of lifelong learning every day with BYJU’S.

We wish Kunj Buddhdev the best for his future endeavours and thank his mentor Suchi Yadav for her constant support in helping Kunj quench his thirst for learning.

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