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Amazing Quotes About Hard-Work And Success From Indian Scientists

As students, we sometimes lack motivation to study. And in that situation, all that we need is  some inspiration to...

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How are BYJU’S Classes helping Pranshu prepare for his boards?

  Life during the lockdown can be a struggle, especially for students. With limited or no access to their teachers,...

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Tips to manage time during exams

Have you had trouble answering all the questions in an exam because of a lack of time? Have you misinterpreted...

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Here’s how a great prep strategy can help you ace exams!

No matter how hard a paper is, a great exam strategy can turn the tides in your favour. To make...

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4 Steps to get over Maths Phobia!

What would life be without Maths? Is it even possible? Well, it is not and thankfully so, because maths is...

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Numbers In The Wild: How Much Maths Can Animals Do?

Did you know that back in the 1900s there was a horse who was known for his maths skills? Clever...

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Making studies fun and easy – one step at a time

Meet the Shah siblings from Ahmedabad – Riya and Achal. Students of grade 10 and grade 8, the sister-brother duo...

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How Computers Evolved: A look at all the generations

It’s 1795 and you’re the captain of a ship at sea. The sea in front of you is inky black....

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The Vegetable Tales

“I’m Popeye the Sailorman. I’m Popeye the Sailorman. I am strong to finich, cause I eats me Spinach. I’m Popeye...

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