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How are BYJU’S Classes helping Pranshu prepare for his boards?

Team StoryWeavers|May 27, 2020|


Life during the lockdown can be a struggle, especially for students. With limited or no access to their teachers, lessons, worksheets, or quality exam preparation material, preparing for exams and entrance tests must be an uphill task for students. 

Thanks to the availability of online learning platforms like BYJU’S – The Learning App, students like Pranshu Jhunjhunwala can now continue learning uninterrupted. A math and sports enthusiast, 10th grader Pranshu is making the best use of this time to learn math concepts. “These days, I cannot play football. So, I spend my time playing Quizzo at home, and challenge my friends in math quizzes,” he says.

BYJU'S Student Pranshu with his family in Tamil Nadu

        Pranshu with his family in Tamil Nadu

Pranshu, a student of Hindustan International Academy, Rajasthan, stays in the school hostel. With limited options to use e-learning tablets inside the school premises, Pranshu studies from the BYJU’S app during the weekends when he visits his local guardian. “Every weekend, I go through all the math and science concepts taught in school, and prepare for the next week’s classes,” he says. 

When his school shut due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, Pranshu was in a soup as he was yet to cover a lot of syllabi. While he was charting out a timetable to study on his own, he heard about BYJU’S Classes for students to #learnfromhome. This helped him take a whole new approach to learning science, the subject he struggles with. “I find chemistry and physics a little challenging to understand as these subjects require a lot of practical learning. But thanks to BYJU’S Classes, I am getting better at them” he says. In his new lockdown timetable, Pranshu has ensured that he gets time to study at his own pace from the BYJU’S app, attend the classes, and get his doubts cleared from his mentor. “A perfect study timetable,” gushes this 14-year-old happily while referring to his study routine.

With a plan in place during the lockdown, Pranshu is dedicating extra time to focus on his weak subjects and prepare for his board exam. When asked about his future plans, he says with a sense of pride, “I want to be in the Indian Army and serve my country and its people.” Further, he adds, “Since I am staying with my local guardian, I am catching up with my physical activities by working out at home.”

Team Storyweavers wishes Pranshu Jhunjhunwala all the very best for his board exams 🙂

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