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4 Steps to get over Maths Phobia!

Team StoryWeavers|February 26, 2022, 07:13 IST| 27

What would life be without Maths? Is it even possible? Well, it is not and thankfully so, because maths is really a fun subject! And everybody’s good at maths, including you! Do you know how much Maths you do every day? From calculating the amount of money you need to buy your stationery, food, etc. to measuring the distance from school to home or anywhere you want to go. The list never ends. Maths is everywhere!

And the best part is that Maths is not just limited to us humans. Animals too, use this beautiful subject in their day to day lives, you can read all about it here. In fact, Galileo once said ‘The laws of nature are written in the language of Mathematics’.

So then why do many of us find ourselves fearing this subject? 

The reasons may vary, but for many, it is usually a lack of conceptual understanding which trickles down the exam pressure and competition. But here’s the good news, it’s never too late to overcome this fear of Maths. You want to know how? Let’s explore!

Step 1: Ask yourself if you ever gave Maths a real chance.

As J.K. Rowling says “Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery”. So begin with accepting that you may have developed a fear of maths aka Maths phobiaMany times, we fail to address the real problem and focus our energy on the wrong problem. For instance, you may think that you are just not meant for the subject and start mugging up formulas and theorems to clear your exams, without ever giving a chance to really understanding them. 

Step 2: Give Maths a chance!

Start with believing that you can do this. There’s nothing in this world that cannot be learned if it is taught properly. A lot of people are visual learners and Maths is best taught through visual learning. Today, new-age courses are designed in a way that addresses both these areas – conceptual understanding and visual learning. Start addressing your Maths phobia and see the difference!

Step 3: Relate Maths to the reality around you.

As discussed in the beginning, unlike some other subject, maths is always all around you, if you are curious enough to identify it! Start accompanying your parents to buy vegetables. Calculate the cost mentally for the vegetable, based on the quantity you buy. This activity requires you to do quick mental calculations and it’s super fun. You can also keep a tap on the time you take to reach home when walking and when on a bicycle. This will help you understand the relationship between time and distance. Another fun maths practice is to notice the shapes and sizes of the food you eat – like did you know that pizza slices are always cut at an acute angle.

Step 4: Start Practising.

As Aristotle once said, “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” Once you start understanding the concepts behind equations and formulas, you’ll find a significant improvement in your speed! Amongst various other things, exams are also designed to test a student’s speed of solving a problem, and shouldn’t be treated as a defining moment of your ability to do maths. With practice, you’ll learn to focus on understanding what the problem is and then solving it at a good speed. Practice makes a person perfect, practice all the way to success.

Once you’re at step 4 you will realize that Maths will stop scaring you like the way it does now and the best part is all the steps are easy to achieve. So this National Maths Day let’s attack the fear of Maths! Tell us in the comment section if this article was helpful and also share with us if you find more examples of Maths that surround you and Keep Learning!

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About the Author

Charu, a feminist and an accidental writer, is yet to master the art of writing about herself. Always curious to learn new stuff, she ends up spending a lot of time unlearning the incorrect lessons. She enjoys all sorts of stories – real, fictional, new, old, hers and would love hearing yours too. Feel free to ping her at to share anything that you think is worth sharing.

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Anumegha Khanra

May 8, 2021

I felt mathematics boring, but after trying these steps I felt mathematics interesting.
Thank you byjus for supporting me


July 4, 2020

I used to think that maths was the worst subject and used to get very bad marks
But now I am improving


June 5, 2020

Mathematics is very interesting…….Just needs little concentration.Maths is Fun

Prerana Kubal

May 11, 2020

I actually understand the concepts and theories taught in byjus classes but the problem is that I end up in
Calculation errors.
Maths is otherwise fun and interesting. It is not only a subject but it is a language in which has four
components in it.
And thankyou byjus for this advice I will use it to reduce calculation errors and make my learning a greater


May 1, 2020

Yes I understood what but ist the best way to teach a person proply who are not good in maths

Shravya Jain

April 23, 2020

I believe that Maths is a beautiful subject and will always make me happy.


April 17, 2020

I really found these tips interesting and easy and I hope it will prevent me from being scared of maths. It was difficult for me to understand the Algebra but then I used 1 and 2 tip and I and feeling as if I am
I am improving in it.

Naman Agrawal

March 20, 2020

i love math


February 7, 2020

Maths is a magical &logical language ????


February 2, 2020

I’ve really improved in mathematics ,I’m not afraid of maths now.Thank u byjus.


January 27, 2020

I also have the same problem

Ishita Negi

January 27, 2020

YUP, a very good article, indeed. But please, if you know ,give me more tips.

Aayush Arora

January 22, 2020

Maths must not only be taken as a subject. it is a game and we all are it’s players so play the game with interest and you will definitely find it interesting and will win this game

Rudrakshi Das

January 18, 2020

Maths is a very useful subject and I’ll try to take the tips of this article and win over my dear for Maths and do better in this subject because it’s not merely a subject.

D Teja praneeth Varma

January 6, 2020

Thank you!

Aiman Rehman

January 4, 2020

I have maths phobia. I don’t have any interest in mathematics. That’s why l always have incomplete work .Even when I am doing maths I feel hopeless. The real thing is that I am unable to develop interest in mathematics.


January 3, 2020

I too love maths a lot I get full marks in my exams I just love it.
Maths is my favorite subject ??


January 1, 2020

I love maths but everytime in exams I get confused to write So , please let me know what is the way to not get confused in exams

Amogh Suresh

December 30, 2019

These tips help me alot.


December 28, 2019

I also don’t like math . But I am practicing for this. I can do it better next time

Suniti Akansha

December 26, 2019

The article is very helpful


December 25, 2019

Why I am not focusing in maths? I really tried that I will do much better, but I can’t solve many of the problems. I practice atleast 4 hrs in maths but I can’t do so much better. What can I do ? So that I can gain more interest in maths. Please tell me what I can do?


December 23, 2019

I never had fear on maths ,actually I would clear my classmates doubts because we are afraid of our maths mam


December 23, 2019

Mathematics is fun


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