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Shreya Sinha: A student on the journey to becoming a teacher

Shreya Sinha from Ghaziabad does not have conventional dreams and ambitions. Unlike other eleven-year-olds who dream of becoming doctors, astronauts,...

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4 Steps to get over Maths Phobia!

What would life be without Maths? Is it even possible? Well, it is not and thankfully so, because maths is...

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Life lessons from the most famous mountaineer in the world

Mount Everest is the world’s highest mountain. It was and is one of the toughest climbs ever with 70 percent...

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How to Study for the Exams – A New Technique!

For some of us, exams can be stressful. While we have already discussed ways to ace final exams like pro...

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This month in Science History – Scientists born in February!

Science is constantly evolving, helping us understand the world better. Throughout history, some of the greatest inventors and scientists were...

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Young swimmer making waves – Harshita Mohanty

  Say hello to Harshita-Science sleuth and water baby One of her most recent achievements- Swimming 3.5 km in the...

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