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Gauranshi Sabharwal: A multi-talented star in the making

Team StoryWeavers|May 20, 2019|

“Success is not only about marks. It’s about the knowledge gained at the end.”

This is an aphorism 11-year-old Gauranshi Sabharwal swears by. A young bundle of talent, Gauranshi believes in setting small goals and working towards them. Her dedication and hard work earned her a gold medal in science and math Olympiads recently. What sets Gauranshi apart from others is her positive attitude to take life as it comes and become a self-motivated learner.

A defence kid, Gauranshi has always been on the move. Though it’s a daunting task, she made the best of these travels. She developed skills to absorb into any situation, be responsible and become a self-learner. A fair share of credit for this mature attitude goes to her mother Pratibha Sabharwal, who has been consistent on shaping Gauranshi’s life with proper guidance. “Every time we shift to a new city, I don’t want my daughter to spend time adjusting to classroom dynamics. Instead, I want her learning journey to be smooth, irrespective of where we are. So, I make it a point to help her with studies every day. Sometimes, I even read up topics on the internet or go through her books to solve her queries,” Pratibha says.

On learning new things every day

Gauranshi loves to explore and enjoys learning. Pratibha says, “She’s a curious kid who loves to try out something new every day. Either she’s busy painting, mastering a new dance style or learning a new language. She keeps herself engaged with her varied interests.”

This zest to learn something new every day has led her to learning kathak, taking up guitar lessons, practising badminton and painting. She’s taken part in national-level art competitions conducted by GlobalArt, a programme for children in the age group of 4 to 15 years.

On discovering a new learning bond

Gauranshi’s keen interest in learning has helped her in her studies as well. When she was first introduced to Olympiads in her third grade, she fell in love with it. “These competitive exams challenge me and help me hone my skills,” Guranshi says.

An enthusiastic learner, Gauranshi fell in love with the BYJU’S learning methods when her parents bought her the app. “I love the way they teach topics in such detail on the app. The practical examples with fun quizzes and test papers are a bonus. My basic concepts are clear and there is no room for doubt. In fact, BYJU’S has become my favourite learning companion, and I no longer worry about changing schools,” she says with a grin.

Tips to ace school exams

A student of Vaels International School, Chennai, Gauranshi has a few easy timesaving tips to smart learning and balancing curricular and extracurricular activities.

  1. Effective time management is a must. Plan your everyday activities before you begin your day.
  2. Make a weekly planner where you can add your subjects according to your study routine.
  3. The key to a better understanding is to always revise and never memorise. Divide topics into sub-topics and understand the concepts behind them.
  4. It’s easy to learn concepts if we can correlate them with real-life examples.
  5. Never wait till the last minute to study as it only adds stress. Do not procrastinate, study every day.  

With so much in her bucket, this sixth-grader has shown that hard work with consistency pays off. We thank Gauranshi’s mentor Mani Sagar and her parents for guiding and encouraging her to spread her learning wings wide and fly high!

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