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Kudos to our Chemistry whiz-kids!

Team StoryWeavers|March 2, 2019|

With over 9,000 responses to our periodic table quiz, you have proved that you love chemistry and are craving to learn more!

Thank you for participating in the quiz with so much enthusiasm and making The International Year of the Periodic Table so special for us! While many of you aced the quiz and got all the questions right, here are the three top scorers who answered the fastest and won themselves some exciting goodies.

Congratulations to the winners of the Periodic Table Quiz 2019!

We looked at each response we received from you and, based on the most number of right and wrong answers per quiz attempt, here are the questions that, on an average, emerged as the most difficult and most easy respectively.

Most Difficult – Q.20!

Most Easy – Q.1!

92% of you got it right, making this the question with the most right answers!

Here is a complete list of all the questions in our quiz along with their right answers so you can flaunt your periodic table knowledge to the world.

The fun doesn’t end here. We have something for all the science enthusiasts out there- your very own periodic table from BYJU’S! Use the link below to download this printable version to add some jazz to your normal study routine!

Download the BYJU’S Periodic Table

Keep learning! 

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