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Learning is fun and easy if we plan it properly! – Devananda

Team StoryWeavers|January 30, 2018|

If education is the foundation for a bright future, how do we make it strong from a young age? In short, how do we develop a healthy learning habit which will guide  us to understand concepts rather than mug up or parrot it for exams and forget later on?  Team StoryWeavers spoke with  one of BYJU’S top student Devananda, a 97% scorer, who spoke on this topic and explained how she strategically plans her daily studies to resolve this issue. Devananda is currently studying in 6th grade from Federal Public School, Bangalore.

“My strategies are very simple and easy to adapt. I prepare my lessons well in advance and never keep anything  for last minute study.”

Her success mantra:

Education being the most integral part of one’s life, Devananda believes in making her base strong at a young age.“Studying everyday helps in staying up-to-date with my course subjects along with giving a better understanding of every topic. I religiously dedicate quality time for my studies everyday regardless of any engagements. This is one of my secret mantras.”

As for her studying pattern and routine, she completely depends on her father’s methods of studying and BYJU’S easy ways of understanding which backs her in every exam.

“My dad helps me prepare my subjects well-in-advance so that I understand it better in school. This way, I  end up asking a lot of questions to my teachers and manage to get the top scores in finals. All the credit goes to my supportive parents who believe in me and constantly help me achieve my dreams.” grins Devananda.

Love for Learning New Things:

Devananda during her singing classes

Devananda during her singing classes

Learning is fun when it’s done with the right set of intentions. As Devananda says, “I never learn anything from an exam’s perspective. Be it textbooks or surfing the internet, I learn new things everyday because I enjoy feeding my thirst for knowledge. Thus, I never make any attempts to memorize anything. Instead, I question the reason behind each concept, understand them and try to implement in practical life. Additionally, the amazing videos on the BYJU’S’ app  helps me understand and clear doubts on complex concepts. The practice papers were a bonus. I scored 97% overall and secured full marks in Maths, Science and English.”  

Possessing the wings of an explorer since childhood, Devananda is already a gifted Carnatic singer, trained Bharatnatyam dancer and is currently learning to play drums and piano. With so much on her everyday list, she ensures to segregate time for her studies and hobbies.

“I modify my timetable every month according to my practice sessions (singing, dancing and instruments) and ensure to allot sufficient time for each subject. In school, I give my 100% and simultaneously make my own notes at home to keep the topic fresh in mind.”

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Tips to prepare for exams:

Exam preparations cannot take place within a day or a week’s time. For that, an entire year’s dedication is required, understanding each concept, jotting down notes and preparing for the finals. Devananda leaves no room for doubts and in doing so, she tries to understand the concepts rather than unnecessarily burning the midnight oil.

During her school dance program

During her school dance program

Here are few tips which she feels will help everyone:

  1. Read each chapter before the teacher discusses at school
  2. Make notes of your own. This automatically creates a pattern to remember and helps in getting a better understanding.
  3. If the answers are lengthy, practice writing and rewriting for 5-6 times until it comes out in a flow.
  4. Never fear, as it only distracts our mind from concentration.
  5. Hardwork and dedication is the only keys to ace any exam.

How the BYJU’S app helps achieve her goals:

“I heard about the app when I was about to write my 5th grade’s final term,” says Devananda. “Although it was for a short duration, the app helped me clear doubts by providing lot of practice papers. That year I scored 97% overall and secured full marks in Maths, Science and English. A few days ago, I received my marks for the first term of my 6th grade and I scored 100 in Biology, 98 in Physics, 97 in Maths and 96 in Chemistry. All thanks to my parents and mentor Sushmita ma’am for their constant support” says an excited Devananda.

Devananda with her parents

Devananda with her parents

Her dad, Aswani Kumar adds in, “The app is bringing in a revolutionary change in the learning style of young kids these days. The quality visual effects and easy style of teaching are very interesting  and engaging. Devananda’s school comes under the ICSE board and thus in her 6th grade, the science subject is split into Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The BYJU’S Learning Program has been designed perfectly to guide a student through concepts in each of these subjects. I am very happy that I bought the app at the right time. Thanks BYJU’S.”

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